Warlock Classes - Arch Wizard vs Soul Priest

Hey guys and gals,

So I made an account on the beta server awhile back just to do some experimenting and I wanted to share some results!

Everyone has seen the top level pictures of the two warlock classes and there are a lot of posts that say that most players chose soul priest. Plus top level players with Warlocks seem to chose soul priest a lot. So it’s probably the better class right now right?

Well I wanted to play with the two classes to see why.

Below find screen shots of the stats between the two class choices on two different 100 level warlocks who are wearing no gear at all. Also see the screen shots of the actual skills each class gets. Last I ran each warlock though arena and events In the same gear and with the same companions to see how they did. I will reply to this email with the results of the arena and event battles.

My master codes: Twin Peaks rebyg Fit Tower z8mvr Fit Land ryxvz. I will post results for more classes soon!

If you compare the two below you can see the soul priest has more HP but the Arch Wizard has higher magic and physical attack. (My soul priest has a skill that increases HP by 5% which is minimal)

Soul Priest Skills:

Arch Wizard Skills:


So when taking them out for battles the Soul Priest was the winner for Events

They were pretty close for Arena. It’s so random it’s hard to tell but Soul Priest was the winner here too.


Soul priest has two new skills that you choose between, Charm and Soul Harvest. Charm is a hard hitting single target attack. If it’s victims live though it, they will turn on their teammates. Of all the four new skills from class change this seems to be the most useful in Arena. Given how quick everyone dies in Arena it doesn’t happen often but if you manage to charm the warrior it can turn things your way in a bind.

The Soul Priest Soul Harvest is great in events. It gives your warlock stacking buffs (Ward and Iron Skin) whenever any of your allies kills an enemy, which is quite often in events and will really buff up your Warlock nicely to survive many rounds!

The Arch Wizard Doom is a one target nuke. It doesn’t have the same added benefit of turning the character against their team. One target attacks are not so amazing right now…

The Arch Wizard Blood Pact looks amazing. But in reality it’s really a hard skill to use. It removes your allies buffs and gives you some set buffs in return. Those buffs aren’t worth removing your Priest bubbles or warriors last stand. This skill was really annoying I suppose you could use it if you just ran with Three mages or some other buffless team?

Hope you found this helpful!


Nice job, Jax, even for advanced players.


I tested on event and it seems that damage done by charm skill is more usefull then tankness of soul harvest,