Priest Philosopher Cleric Skills 6 Star

In the spirit of Jax’s posts:

Here are the details for the 6 star priest Philosopher class active skills evocation and purge. I only just unlocked them today so I have no analysis yet.

There seem to be lots of advanced players (see arena) but sadly not many sharing information. The discord channel is hard to search and a poor medium for posting such information.


Discord is really good if it’s organised well.

I don’t understand, isn’t it just a big group chat? Forgive me I’m new to discord. And it’s hard to access from desktop?

I use Discord (app) on my phone & tablet. I don’t think I even open it on my computer. Yes, it’s a chat but it’s possible to create & croup channels within one server. So it’s possible to create a dedicated channel for help info, a dedicated channel for arena, codes & so on.

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If you want to feel instant regret, choose Cleric. That’s how I felt, wasted all my fit stones. :sob:

Clear buffs every 5 rounds is completely useless since buffs don’t usually last that long or they kill you before then anyways.

Equally useless is the measly 8% attack bonus when one of your heros die. Sure it stacks up to 3 times, by then you only have one character left with +24% attack bonus.

Extra shield or healing or regeneration would have been nice. But no, this one’s a bench warmer.

I’m kicking myself on this one.


@Emory_Saladin - in case you have a priest class change coming up, I agree with this person.

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Plus the attack bonus only affects the priest not any other characters I believe.

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Agreed cactuar! :blush::+1:t2: Post must be at least 20 characters, so this is to complete the requirement.

I wish I would have read this before I did the class change, cleric skills actually make the priest weaker by wasting rounds on useless buffs. Especially in arena, she buffs up when she could be doing damage or casting shields only to die before she can actually do anything with the buff. The cleanse is also useless as it goes off when there are no debuffs on, also wasting a round or more. Make it an aoe heal, or 25% of the lowest party members health instead. That would at least be useful and in the spirit of the character/class.

Spend the gems and class change to the other one. It’s a bit pricey but absolutely worth it