Priest Philosopher Cleric Skills 6 Star


In the spirit of Jax’s posts:

Here are the details for the 6 star priest Philosopher class active skills evocation and purge. I only just unlocked them today so I have no analysis yet.

There seem to be lots of advanced players (see arena) but sadly not many sharing information. The discord channel is hard to search and a poor medium for posting such information.


Discord is really good if it’s organised well.


I don’t understand, isn’t it just a big group chat? Forgive me I’m new to discord. And it’s hard to access from desktop?


I use Discord (app) on my phone & tablet. I don’t think I even open it on my computer. Yes, it’s a chat but it’s possible to create & croup channels within one server. So it’s possible to create a dedicated channel for help info, a dedicated channel for arena, codes & so on.


If you want to feel instant regret, choose Cleric. That’s how I felt, wasted all my fit stones. :sob:

Clear buffs every 5 rounds is completely useless since buffs don’t usually last that long or they kill you before then anyways.

Equally useless is the measly 8% attack bonus when one of your heros die. Sure it stacks up to 3 times, by then you only have one character left with +24% attack bonus.

Extra shield or healing or regeneration would have been nice. But no, this one’s a bench warmer.

I’m kicking myself on this one.


@Emory_Saladin - in case you have a priest class change coming up, I agree with this person.


Plus the attack bonus only affects the priest not any other characters I believe.


Agreed cactuar! :blush::+1:t2: Post must be at least 20 characters, so this is to complete the requirement.