V4.0 beta server (Android only)

29th/Apr update: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life


  • Added description for random attributes
  • Fixed a hunter glyph crash bug
  • Fixed a stele bug that prevents accessing when upgrading to v4.0 for the 1st time
  • Disabled Google sign in temporarily

Hi guys,

I’m excited to let you know that we are running a beta test for Fitness RPG v4.0 (Android only). The goal is to test bugs and hear feedback in regarding to the new features. The data will be wiped when v4.0 goes live. Please let us know!

Some of the major updates are:

  • New Class: Archer
  • Improved equipment system
  • New feature: Stele
  • Able to re-class an advanced class

In order to participate the beta test, you need to:

  • Download the apk via Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life (Android only)
  • The beta version will be installed as a separate app (2 Fitness RPG on your phone)
  • When you login for the first time, the game will fetch your progress from the live server. If you have multiple progress, it will read the one with the highest user level.
  • The mega pass will be enabled automatically on the beta server

Happy walking!


Can you make this available on the Play Store?

Damn! Congrats to you and the team @marspark! Desperate for the ios version.

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Where do we give feedback? I am doing it here for now.

  1. Power jumped up a lot on my heroes. A lot. I’d want a heads up and/or time to adjust when it goes live to avoid moving up in Arena.

  2. class-specific pets seem to have a target explanation, but the box isn’t big enough so I can’t read it. I assume it affects the class wherever it is located, but it’s confusing since the lower text says it’s based on position.

  3. Stele doesn’t seem to be implemented. I’m sad. Also, the help text isn’t there either. I have no feelings on it at the moment though it looks like some sort of lottery.

  4. It’s going to take a long time before I can have any idea how good these new pets are. There are a ton. So far in my play I haven’t been very impressed by defense values. They don’t seem to do much, especially in the Arena. I haven’t been able to get them high enough to matter.

  5. I assume the “skills do -% damage” will add with buffs the other team has so if someone has +50% and another person has -50% then it will cancel out? Or are they both multiple so it would result in .75% of the original damage?

  6. Everything is on cooldown so I can’t try out the hunter. For testing purposes, it might make sense to have refreshes be free so we can quickly get hunters (and leveling them up will be hard as well as I don’t have a lot of food saved up). Or can we buy one in the store for free? The store display was weird and I didn’t know what that meant. Similarly, I don’t know how to spend my arena points…I guess equipment would at least give me something immediately.

  7. I had already used my food when I transferred over. So I haven’t had a good look at the equipment system yet. Can you still get the old set equipment? I didn’t get anything rare and my set equipment doesn’t seem to fit into the new system. But I only had a few fights. None of the new equipment is properly named, but I assume that’s just the beta.

  8. Game still does not let me sleep and then take control of my body to walk for me so I can stay asleep. Is this ever going to be fixed? :grinning:

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Enemies are also much stronger, at least on Hell 10s. My mages aren’t one-shotting them with normal attacks (and they were nearly one-shotting them with arcane blast before). Level limits seem to have been adjusted. My mage that was maxed for me, can now go 10 levels higher. This has gotten much more expensive (24k when before it was more like 10k). Seems to be a change to how it scales up – level 90 character needs 2k to get to 91, before was 1.7k. Level 30 characters need 600 on the beta, and it’s 660 now (so very low levels are actually cheaper).

Rare items don’t seem to be set items. So maybe you can only get set items from the arena? I don’t know.

I’m a little fuzzy on how they are different from other items.

I noticed that max levels on items has changed. 5 star set items can go to 230 now, not 180. 6 star set items can go to 270. Skill effects on rings now seems to be 15%, not 20%.

Edit since I can’t make more than 3 comments:
I do not seem to be getting email rewards from megapass or arena fights.

Filters can go to 6 stars now and you can lock items so they won’t be sold (nice). But they need to have checkboxes for rarity levels.
Not enough resources makes it harder to test things out.

I like how the new itemization looks, assuming set gear doesn’t dominate everything (set gear is very boring in terms of itemization at least if it is all the same).

Also noticed Epic Items in the Stele, which I was not able to get (no more crystals :frowning: )

I assume energy cost increases for the glyph mine and other things are meant to make things slower.


The S/A/B/C ranks on gear stats, I assume that is about growth. It’s a bit confusing for mixed gear items. When a physical defense B is twice as big as physical defense B and magical defense B on items with the same stars, it makes me not sure what exactly this ranking means.

I have a Physical Defense B, Magic Defense C, Dodge RTG A item. The Physical Defense number is the same as on the two-stat helms of the same stars, but half of what it is on the uncommons with one stat. So do all of those ratings increase slower than you would find on an item with just one rating. How big a difference is that at level 10 or 100? Why do the defense scores suffer like this? Is the dodge rating lower than it would be on a dodge-only item? Is it half of what a dodge RTG A would be if it was by itself?

This is very confusing and counter-intuitive. I suggest it might be easier if you found a system where the rating alone indicated the growth (e.g. say a rank D was half the value of a Rank A, so you’d just have two rank D stats on mixed items instead of a Rank A) or you indicated if something was being halved or otherwise modified. As it is it is hard to tell how good something is or what the ratings are going to mean when you have multiple stats on one item.

Also, I fond a rare ring with only Speed C – that shouldn’t be happening, right?
I notice all the old set gear is rank S on the stats, which has me worried that we’re just going to aim for set gear in the end.

Edit Again! (New Poster limitations):

So some of the new set items just need 2 pieces and affect a skill like Last Stand: Power effect +20%. I think this is a better system since it encourages mixing different gear together. But it looks like some of the old set gear still shows up in the market.

Not sure if it is intended, but the Arena Chest might need to be modified if there are now far more sets to potentially get. Before I was able to work pretty well on 3 or so sets, while prioritizing one. Now it seems like you might easily get just options that aren’t helpful (I have no mages with Arcane Barrage, so the set gear for that is too much – and the class change is too expensive for me to try on a whim to see if it would work). Especially true if you might get an item for a set but it might not have the stats you want (I don’t know if that can happen or not though).

Hi, unfortunately no, because beta server ist only for testing purpose and its data will be wiped once the live version is rolled out.

I can not login. It keeps repeating the question to choose an account. Using android 10 on Xiaomi Mi 9 lite.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try my best to explain:

  1. We have adjusted power rating to accommodate the new equipment system. So it’s expected to see power goes up on all heroes.
  2. There’s a known issue with stele, but you should be able to use it on the 2nd day. Please let me know if you can’t
  3. We are going to send over some crystals so you can test them out.
  4. The new equipment names will be added in the next update.
  5. The skills will cancel each other.
  6. This will happen after Elon Musk eventually roll out all those micro-chips :slight_smile: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicolemartin1/2019/07/17/elon-musk-is-making-microchips-to-link-your-brain-to-your-smartphone/#331492ae2412
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Do you mind to send me a screenshot where it keeps asking you to choose an account? Thank you!

Regarding the display for pets that affect classes – Hbman affects friendly classes and it’s display works and is clear – though I only see “Effective Targets (only takes” at the top, so that display size part is still there. It’s the ones that target enemies where the text at the bottom seems to not be working correctly.

Stele, I did it 3 times on hard and it changed what was on it, so I guess you can’t get everything. Does it switch every three or do they need to be in a row? I wasn’t paying enough attention. I guess I’ll know soon. I like it so far.

You get 5 of 10 items in Stele than it reset em and give u new 10 to roll on

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Jinglez is correct,

Decided to spend a bit of crystals on the Stele to see what i get, used the Premium one only. This is the results.
In short every 5 rolls reset the items for reward and u get new one to roll on.
Special Reward for rolling times are 1 round for pet fragment other for crystals (low amount), the times needed to roll for reward grow up as you use the Stele, got up to 15 rolls to get reward.

Thank you very much for the feedback in regarding to the stats growth. Your questions did rise some concerns which we need to make some changes to clarify them better:

  • S/A/B/C are stats growth.
  • Rarity only effects the range of growth (we’ll add more explanation on this), for example, purple (rare) items have a growth range of C~SS (% of SS is very small), gold (epic) has a growth range of B~SSS. Therefore there’s a chance a gold item will have worse stats than a purple item. We’ll probably adjust this once it’s rolled out.
  • Your observation of [single physical defence B] is twice as big as [physical defense B and magical defense B] is probably the most confused one. Hybrid defence/attack stats are actually treated as a single stats for warlock and we are coming up a way to clairfy this.

It might have to do with Play games connection. It comes before I even can do anything.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll disable it and let you know once the app is uploaded

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I can’t send it,so I put it here.Please help


We’ve just patched this. You can now log into the iOS version. Please do not switch to Android at the moment. It’s safe to use the beta android build though.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

@Willowmaster please give the new build a try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hp5tpxtj6pevccz/fitnessrpg_v4.0_beta_2004291522.apk?dl=0

Still can’t login. Keeps asking for an account. I have cleared all data from the app and tried again. Same result.

I have added a second account and tried to logging with that account but that didn’t work either. I also tried to check for log cat messages, but non are showing up.