V4.0 beta server (Android only)



I’m sorry that this build doesn’t fix it for you. Our developer is taking a long holiday and will not be available till next wednesday. We’ll try to fix this as soon as he’s back. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I have not installed the new build yet (are there many changes?).
Further feedback:
I got a rare 6 star ring that had B Physical/Magic Attack which seems nice.
I got one that had B Hit Rating, which seems terrible. All the old set gear that’s 5 stars is has S stats, which is definitely better (at least the set gear).

Old set gear 5 piece bonuses no longer seem to be working. Is that intentional? The 2 and 3 piece bonuses seem to still work. Overall, the old gear seems to have a lot of advantages over the new gear due to the set bonuses. It’s very hard to get new set pieces, so I can’t compare them.


The new update contains a few bug fixes and copy updates.

This is not intentional. We are working on a fix.


Don’t worry. Just want to test for you. I’ll try again when it’s finished.


The Demon Hunter’s Archery Ability has the same problem as the similar one for the Archmage. If a target is at 30% and can’t be killed in one blow, then you aren’t going to be winning that fight anyway. At least, that’s my experience. I don’t have my archer at a high level yet, but if he’s not doing enough damage to kill a target that’s at 30% health or less, then he’s not doing enough damage period.

If there were big bosses with tons of hitpoints, it might be different.

Winds of Valor is interesting, but it might be better if it increased physical and magic attack by 25%. Not sure. I’m still leveling up my archers for more detailed testing.


I’ve been busy and I’m making this comment later than I wanted, but I have two more comments.

  1. The random traits for rares (and possibly epics) should get looked at. Rares can come out worse than uncommons. I don’t know if this is intended or not, but it is counterintuitive when you’d expect them to be better. Maybe if they only have one trait it should have a minimum quality level. Seems like an issue when you might be buying them or trying to get them in the Stele.

  2. Similarly, the Stele can sometimes be almost full of horrible options. Not too critical since you can wait a day for new options though. It’s not fun to see a bunch of gray/blue items and pet parts you can easily get via looting. I understand some bad options are necessary, but I have a screenshot of where there’s 40 knowledge stones, one purple ring, and everything else is horrible on Super. There’s no way I’d spend crystals on that.

  3. What are the itemization plans regarding sets? Is the idea you’ll still get the 5-piece sets and now have the option to switch out the amulet and a ring for a 2-piece set for a different bonus? I haven’t gotten enough epics/rares to tell if they can compete with the 2/3 piece bonus for 5 piece sets (which are huge bonuses). So far I’ve had to keep 3 set pieces equipped on my characters to keep up. Incidentally, given how hard these pieces are going to be to find, it seems like progression will be much slower than before. At least once you get to Nightmare or Hell. My current team in the main game got thought hell 10 weeks ago, but my beta team still isn’t there yet. It’s rough. (I know this might be intended).

  4. Is there a way I can try out the beta with a completely new character? I’d like to see what progression is like starting at the beginning.



Thank you for the feedback, huge help there!

  1. We’ll look into this
  2. We might need to adjust the rewards on this
  3. Set pieces will indeed be harder to obtain after the update. The system is designed in a way that players should still aim for set items (fixed growth rate of S), and once they get good rolls on epics, they’ll start switching parts.
  4. Unless you don’t want to experience your existing account any further, I can make a new account. Please let me know and thank you very much for your help!




re 3: I am thinking that if you get enough good epics and legendaries with two stats, they could be better than set for the stat bonuses. You might only want to get a two-piece set that has a special bonus then. That would add a lot of interesting build options and thought, which would be good.
I haven’t bothered doing the math, but what’s the difference between C, B, A, S, and SS? Is it just a fixed percent different at any given level or do higher quality ones get better at a non-linear rate?

re 4: I like my existing main account, of course. I think I’ll get my rangers up a bit more and test them out on something then resetting my beta account might be nice


re3: very close to a linear rate but slightly different


Is there an explanation for what the c, b, a, s and ss mean?


They are rates of growth. ss > s > a > b >c – but by how much I’m not sure. So at equivalent level, ss is best. Star value only matters in terms of max level you can get on the item now.


With all the pets, I’m really starting to think that the Arena Pet Chest probably needs to be like the item chest. Common, uncommon, rare, legendary (or maybe rare/legendary in one), and you have some choices when you open it up. Though 4 choices might be too much for the higher levels. It’s going to be a bit ridiculous to collect pieces for rares and legendaries and it’s already pretty slow.


Not owning an android, how have pets changed? I’ve been spending forever trying to get the last few pets to 7-star on the current version.


In the Beta there are twice as many pets, basically, at all levels.


Thanks! I’m still confused but that’s probably just me and not your explanation. I was hoping there was a info guide that explained it.


It’s just in the Beta at the moment. There are a lot of new pets that affect just a certain class or classes. So at each level (uncommon, rare, etc), there are about twice as many pets.


Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking abouts pets.

C, B, A, S, SS is something like this (these are not meant to be correct numbers in any way, just meant to give a vague idea of the relationship between the growth rates):

At level 1, stat values might be:
C: 100
B: 110
A: 120
S: 130
SS: 140

At level 100:
C: 1000
B: 1100
A: 1200
S: 1300
SS: 1400

I don’t know how the growth rates actually compare, just that at a given level, an SS is going to be higher than an S, which is going to be higher than A, which is higher than B, which is higher than C.


Awesome, thanks for the further explanation.