Suggestion to improve the game for late-game players

Hi @marspark,

First let me say I think fitness rpg is a great game on the fitness-rpg genre and there is no competition at the moment for the game. I have been playing the game for a few months as a paid supporter because I want to support the dev teams. However, I noticed the lack of contents update and there are not much to do when players reach end game.

I suggest the team add in some simple features to keep the “core-player base” while gaining momentum to spend on marketing to attract new players.

  1. Tweak the reward in the arena. Higher leagues in the arena should have better reward (more medals and diamonds/ or could be a unique sets) to encourage players to farm and spend resources to race for the top position in a higher league. As it stands now, I can stay at league D and get the same rewards as league A, B, C and S. Its a bit demotivating.

  2. Allow player to use diamonds or fit-energy to upgrade food-generating-capacity per hour.

  3. Block players to get pet fragments when the pet already at max-level (Unless you guys have some plans to upgrade pet level). Keep getting Jelly-fragment when Jelly already 7 stars causes a lot of frustration on some players I have talked to. :frowning_face:

  4. Have guide competitions. This will be the biggest boost to the game since guide competition will encourage people to tell their friends to play the game with them. It might be complicated to implement but it will be worth it boost the player base. There are some very good suggestion here: List of Suggestions

Thanks for reading @marspark,
Wish you and team staying well during this pandemic

If you guys agree with my suggestion please upvote for visibility for the dev team to know :smiley:
Stay well guys.


Hi thank you for the list of suggestions.

  1. arena rewards tweak: we’ll discuss this
  2. food-generating-capacity: are you talking about the building rewards after an area is cleared? The capacity can be upgraded with diamonds but not the resource generation speed. The only way to improve that is by beating more stages.
  3. pet fragments: we’ll discuss this
  4. guild competitions: this has always been on our to-do for ages. We’ll make it happen as soon as we can.

Again thank you for all the suggestions. The office is slowed down by the virus for a while but we’ll try our best to bring more contents as soon as we can.

Hope the pandemic will be over soon for everyone. Keep safe guys!

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@marspark thank you for listening to us. Cant wait for the game to be updated.:grin:

Regarding food-generating-capacity, I actually meant Stamina. You know with all this quarantine it does get boring to sit and wait. If there is a way to upgrade stamina generating rate that would be great.

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this would be cool. I believe the way it works it that you generate 1 fuel every 8 minutes, so maybe you could spend 6k gems and reduce it to 1 fuel every 7 minutes, then 8k gems to reduce to 1 every 6 minutes, then 10k gems to reduce to 1 every 5 minutes, for example.