Small players in higher leagues

Just today, i saw 2 ultra small players in higher league. Screenshots for example…

How such small players end up in such higher league? Because i don’t think they’ll do weaken their team intentionally.

Lol there is a reason to do this, and it’s not what you think.

They may appear to be “Small” but their player level is high enough for the league (the first one is higher level than you are). This is on purpose. I’ve done it too. It’s about keeping your ranking low enough that you can “always” win when you attack, because the rewards for winning are twice as good as the rewards for losing. Since even refreshing your opponents matches you with players of a similar rank, it’s better to try and drop a little before you attack.

So let’s say you’re rank #7 in the league. You’re going to constantly be fighting the top ten players and may or may not win (probably lose more often than not). If you drop to one hero, walk away, and lose a bunch of defending rounds, you drop to rank #70 or so. You can more easily win 10 times when you attack and gain the increased rewards for that.

As long as you end the day/season at high rank, you can maximize your rewards.

Another reason to do this is if it’s near the end of the season and you’re specifically trying to drop a league if you feel this one is too difficult. That way you can be a big fish in a little pond instead of a little fish in a huge ocean.

Long story short, attacking these “little people” is a significant help to them (and to you).

Edit: I just realized this post is 5 months old and the forum is just suggesting random topics from last year… hopefully this helps other people asking this question