Hackers in the game

From my last discussion Small players in higher leagues and now this i saw today.

I as well as that player is in league D, and he’s in rank 7 or 8, where players over 300k power is residing now.
How come such small player has made it in league D and staying in such good rank?
@marspark , please see into this thread.

I don’t think ALL of the one-hero teams are hackers though.

I fought a player in my league constantly and then one day he only had one hero on his team. I think he was either moving his heroes’ positions or he was trying to get demoted to a lower league. I don’t know. Later that same day, all four of his heroes were back on the team.

From the discussions, we know that demotion is not possible now, people stay in the same league.

Game devs are planning for demotion ifor future update.

So I don’t think players will do that to only loose arena points.

This player is legit. People do place 1 hero team for a variety of reasons :slight_smile: