[RESOLVED] Stopping at 92 perecent

Every single time I try to play this game it stops at 92 percent and I’ve already uninstalled twice and I’m still having the same exact problem. What should I do?

Hi Kasssie3,

Has the issue been resolved now? Thank you!

No it didn’t but I did uninstall it and reinstalled and it’s working for now but temporarily.

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Sorry for all the troubles caused. We are investigating it urgently here. Please let me know if the issue comes back again. Thank you!

Same issue is happening with me since yesterday afternoon. The game stops loading at 91%, 92%, sometimes 94% and twice at 100%, but it doesn’t finish loading, I tried waiting for several minutes… I downloaded the game last week on my phone, the version I have is 2.1.10, when I open the Google Play Store it doesn’t show that there are updates available.

I did not try to reinstall because since I did not want to loose my progress…any advice? @marspark

I’m also having the same issue and so is my partner since the update. I uninstalled and reinstalled but lost my progress, which was later fixed, which had it working for about a day. Now both our games will get to 91 or 92% and go no further.

@Sariel713 thank you for the update. We’ll look into your data and see if we can dig the reason of this 91% issue. We can still recover your data after you reinstall the game. Please let me know when you get a new id. Again sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your patience and support.

@pancs000 sorry to hear that you are having issues with Pocket Plants. There is a known issue with this version. You can reinstall the game get your progress back if you have previously connected to Google Play. If not, we can still transfer your data to your new account with BOTH your old and new accounts’ IDs. Please let us know how you want to proceed.

Again sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your support and patience!

I face same problem which apps stop at 92%.
Temporary solution is reinstall the apps. Please solve it ASAP. My phone mode is one plus 3T

I’m really sorry for all the troubles caused by this issue. We are urgently investigating the loading bug at the moment and will get back to you as soon as we find a solution.

Thanks, @marspark!
Any tips on how I download the newest version on my phone? The only one that is available at Google Play Store is the 2.1.10 version, I reinstalled it twice and it is the same version.
Also, I lost all my progress, the first time I reinstalled my ID was FP5pN@u3! and in the second one (current) it is YPKdj@eC!, I do not have my previous ID from when the game was crashing, is there a way to recover it? I was at the 4th world.

Hi pancs000,

v2.1.10 is the newest version. I have found your progress and have transferred it to your new ID. Would you like to see if you can access it now?

Thank you!

It is all back, @marspark! Thanks a lot for your help <3

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@marspark, unfortunately it stopped working again… I reinstalled and once again lost my progress, could you recover it for me, please? My ID was YPKdj@eC! and now it is vnvZDyuCd. I will connect it to my Google account once I recover the progress again, hopefully this will guarantee that I have a backup elsewhere and don’t need to come back here if it crashes again. Thanks

Hi pancs000,

The transfer is done.

I’m really sorry the issue is keep occurring. We will do all we can to resolve it ASAP. Thank you for your patience!

I linked it to Google Play so data loss isn’t so much of an issue. I just some times lose my last lot of orders.
Uninstalling and reinstalling seems to work for anywgere between a day to several with no oroblems before the 91/92% sticking reappears. By all means look at my data, and of course, these things take time. Thank you for your assistance so far.

Hi Sariel713,

I’m really sorry to know the loading issue is keep happening. This is a very tricky bug and we are have problems reproducing it on our side.

Do you mind install a ‘bug tracking’ build to help us pin point the issue? After updating the new build, you can turn on the tracking system and it will flag issues to you when there is something wrong with the game.

Please let me know if you are OK with this. I will send over the download link and instructions.

Also, the lost of progress issue (data rollback) is fixed in our upcoming update.

Thank you!

Sure thing, I’m happy to help if I can.

@Sariel713 thank you so much! We are preparing the build and will contact you again when it’s ready. Thank you again :slight_smile:

Hi, @marspark.
After you recovered my data, I reinstalled the game and linked it to my Google Play account. After that, I only had loading issues once again and reinstalled the game once more. It has been stable in the last 2 days and a half, it seems to be fixed.
Thanks again for your support <3