[RESOLVED] Pocket plants crashing on open

Every time I try to open pocket plants it loads to 99% then crashes. On iPhone 6, operating system up to date. Just started happening this morning. Tried restarting phone but that didn’t help.

I am having the exact same issue. Started around 12 hours ago. I have also tried restarting my iPhone numerous times but it does not help.

Hi @Nancy_Ninja @Freya_Rose

Thanks for contacting us,

Could you tell us where did you download Pocket Plants, Testflight or App Store?

Also. Pls let us your Pedometer option: Phone or Fitbit


Hi @Shikudo-David I downloaded Pocket Plants from the App Store, and my pedometer option is iPhone. Thanks.

Same - App Store and phone for steps

Hi @Nancy_Ninja @Freya_Rose

Thanks for reporting us.

To further investigate the problem, we got some question to ask…

  1. Could you try delete the app and reinstall Pocket Plants to see if it will still crash.

  2. Have you ever played Pocket Plants on several different devices with one game account?

  3. Have you ever changed system time on the phone settings?

  4. Could you tell us your Phone Name so we can find your data in our database

  5. Last one: Could you tell us your system version

Thanks a lot for supporting us.

But if I delete it will all my progress be gone??

Q 2 and 3: no
Q4: Nancy Malik’s iPhone
Q 5: iOS 9.3.4

Technically not, the game data will be automatically uploaded to the server.

Really thanks for this, that’s great help!


  1. I am in the process of deleting and re-installing Pocket Plants now
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Jesse James’s iPhone
  5. iOS 9.3.4
    Thank you.

Thanks for this, that’s great help!

we will inform you when we fixed this bug

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Freya did it work for you?

Still going, the internet speed is very poor where I am. But I will let you know.

@Nancy_Ninja I have now re-installed Pocket Plants and it seems to be working! I was able to load my saved data from iCloud, so have not lost any progress. :slight_smile:

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Do you know how I can get my data back? I deleted and reinstalled it - it’s working but I’m back to square 1 :frowning:

Sorry for this…Could you tell us your shortid in the ‘ACCOUNT’ so we can try to find your data? Also remember to press ‘SAVE GAME’ first.

SyiHGS_9 is what it currently is…

Hi David have you had any luck with my data?

@Shikudo-David Hi, my data was wiped when I deleted and redownloaded Pocket Plants! I was excited for the new update today and after hours of gameplay lost weeks of hard work.

  1. It crashed the second time I opened it after redownloading
  2. No
  3. Once or twice maybe?
  4. Taylah’s iPhone
  5. 9.3.2

When I reopened the app, the shortid was BJykKoYo