[RESOLVED] Pocket plants crashing on open

Hi @Cumbersloth

Thanks for reporting us, we will carefully looking for it

Hi I recently got pocket plants and I love the game,but when I open the app it loads to 91% then doesn’t load can you please help

Hi Hyper,

Would you like to see if the issue still exists after switching from 4g to WIFI or vice versa?

I will try again but I already did

It just went to 94% this time

This hopeless. There is a problem with the program been like this a week, it wont even start now with a reinstall. Utterly useless, i would expect more effective support after a week of this problem

Hi @grahamdeperlo, sorry to hear that you are affected by this issue. Do you still remember your id or username so maybe we can hotfix your data for you?

Normally a new build will take a minimum of 1 weeks’ time since the whole process involves finding the issue + fixing the issue + QA + publisher’s approval + app store’s approval, not to mention is is a very tricky bug.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as the build is live. Thank you very much for your patience and support!

My pocket id Mn!+$VB3!

Sorry just saw this reply.

Any update on this. I have to re install every time I exit the game. Peggy’s crashed again and now she only has her acheivements and no plants. She is unistalling again. Her mame is LadyMara. I do not know her id

Hi grahamdeperlo,

I’ve found Peggy’s ID by searching the name. Can I please confirm if your current ID is also Mn!+$VB3!? I tried to refresh both of your accounts on our side just now. Would you like to check if you are able to access it now? Please let me know if you are missing any progress.

If you are still having the loading issue accessing the game, I’m afraid we must wait for the update. We have been told by Kongregate that the update is waiting for the final approval from the stores and will go live very soon now. I will of course also get in touch with you as soon as the update is live.

Once again sorry for all the troubles caused. Thank you for your patience with us.

Yes that is mine. Peggy still does not have her worlds and plants but if I visit her I can see what she had. I have opened mine 5 times in a row which is a record I normally have to reinstall after each visit

Hi grahamdeperlo,

The loading issue fix update (v2.2.6) is now live in both stores. Could both you and Peggy install the newest build and let me know if the build

  1. fixes your crashing issue?
  2. brings back Peggy’s progress?

We’ve also introduced a more advanced logging system and we hope we can pinpoint your problem more efficient with this build.


Thankyou. We have installed this. Mine was locked at the time and I can now open it, I have closed and opened a few times with no problems. I will see how it goes.

Peggy has still lost her progress but when I visited her in the game it still shows all her progress

@grahamdeperlo may I grab her current game Id? I’ll transfer the data now.

vC@FPwzgd this is what she has now LadyMara

Hi grahmdeperlo,

I’ve transferred the progress over to Peggy’s new ID. Would you like to check if the progress is back now? Thank you!

Thank you. You have made Peggy a very happy woman.

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Would not load tonight as said did not have internet but able to access internet in other programs. Eventually killed process and now will not load, freezes about 90%. When use back button comes up with do you want to exit but exiting this way it still will not load.

Hi @grahamdeperlo,

I’ve just sent you a private message to debug this issue.