Reduce raindrop cost by 40% essence


I recently bought that best wonder essence that reduces the raindrop cost by 40% and it’s not in my inventory. It could be because I have all those purple plants unlocked already because before I didn’t have this bug. This is the first time I tried buying it to reduce the cost by 40% for regular plants but it didn’t show up in my inventory.


Hi, yeh, the essence won’t show up if you have unlocked all purple plants. Please leave your id so I can probably refund the sunshines to you and remove the essence.


I had this problem also. Seems like we should still be able to buy that wonder essence and get a different plant given the huge reduction in cost of raindrops. My I’d is 5jpexk. Please also give me a credit. Thanks.


Here is my ID: b86q7x

And I agree with Annwyl, it would be great to be able to buy and use the essences with bigger reductions even if we get basic plants from them. I’d spend sunshine just for that nice raindrop reduction, plants become very expansive later on in the game.


Hi today all my essence were gone (the blue ones) and just now I bought one to test the theory and I received nothing. I had in the teens of the blue essence. Still never received a refund for the multicolored essence I bought. Getting one plant every 2 to 3 days is not motivating. Just my thoughts. I’m not sure I want to keep going at this point :(. Anything new coming our way?


Also, we still getting essences from the chests. I’m done with all epic and rare plants so now getting essences in chests is totally useless… would be great if we could use them for regular plants or remove them once we have epic or rare plants already.


@Kuhz @Annwyl

Hi, I’ve refunded 15 sunshines for purchasing that essence. You will still get essences through chests because our plan was to add a storage functionality where you can sell those essences for sunshines. We’ll probably implement it after all the social functionalities.