Quick tip: Farming equipment / quick management

If you like to keep in stock a couple set of equipments in stock like me . I suggest that you all level them up one time to make it easier to quickly isolate new loots to sell.

I wasted too much time clicking on each item to see what it is when I need to clear space.

My quick 2 cents of the day. :hugs:

Happy looting


I already level up gear a few levels that I know I want to keep long-term so it’s harder to sell accidentally (like most 6-star equipment).

I never thought to level up gear that I keep just in case I might need it though (like duplicate items from multiple sets when equipping multiple mages optimally).

What an awesome tip! :+1:

Things I know I want to keep: Level 3
Things I might want to keep: Level 2

It’s almost perfect. Some items I’ve used, leveled up a lot, and know I want to keep or might want to keep are in my inventory too. Dizzying. :crazy_face:

I hear that!!

P.S. Now if I could just figure out how to level up 6-star Warlock gear to level 3 when I don’t have a Warlock. :thinking:

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Haha you could get Edge next time he’s 30% off

Both Edge and Alfered are taunting me at full price right now.

The good news is that I did snag that 1-star rogue Kaylee at a discount recently. :slightly_smiling_face:

The bad news is that since Kaylee is my 9th hero, Kaylee is my entire Group 3 team in Dark Rush. I’m still expecting great things from this level 1 hero with nothing equipped yet! :scream::crazy_face:

19 Days Later

(Not a Horror Movie :crazy_face:)

Mere mortal words cannot express how many hours this quick tip has saved me!

My extra 5-star mage gear is level 2. My extra 6-star mage gear is level 3.

New 1-star to 5-star mage gear shows up in my inventory at level 1 and I can instantly sell it without even looking at it. Multiple times per day!