Enhancement Request : Merging Glyph

Dear @marspark,

I hope you are well.

In the Glyph Merge window, it would be pretty nice if we could add the Glyph Attribute(s) on the roll-over instead of just showing the name .

I know a few by heart , but it would make it a lot easier if we could view the attributes with a simple roll over . I tend to save a lot of epics & it’s long to manage when I need to do some clean up.

Example : image

Optimization king @Rhandar should be agreeing with me based on his feedback after sharing my Inventory trick last time:

Many thanks,

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I do indeed agree with you 100%!! :clap:

In fact, it’s my #1 pet peeve right now. No joke. Not only that, the epic glyphs are the biggest problem for me as well. I save them up until they become unbearably cluttered (:scream:) then try to clean out the extras all at once. The process then repeats.

The epics are too valuable to arbitrarily merge yet not valuable enough to keep them all. So, yeah. I waste a lot of my time double-checking most of the epic glyphs before I merge them into another glyph. The exceptions possibly being the small handful that I have memorized, in theory. In practice, I still double-check everything just to be sure. There is no undo. :grimacing:

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What I would love is merge all like the sell filters.

It takes time to click all the basic ones.