(Pump Garden) (Guild) (Gold lodge)


:reminder_ribbon:Official guild topic :reminder_ribbon:


:star:Guild leader Annif2 (85) @annif

:star:Guild rank 1 :1st_place_medal:

:star:Guild capacity 30/30

:star:Guild level 5 (2.91/12k)

:star:Guild ID kbzwbxrg

:star:Discord chat: https://discord.gg/VqskeSM

:star2:Requirements :star2:

*Lv 15 or above

  • Active
    *Check in daily

:star2:Description :star2:
The first guild on the server aims to be the best and looking for the moat dedicated people to join the battle to conquer the server!


You are welcome to come and discuss on this thread :slight_smile:
We can help each other out!

Feel free to let us know too if you are having any issue or will not check-in for a few days.


+Up we got 4 new slots open
@annif discord chat added


Grats on Hitting level 4 guys!


+Up keep going guys !!!


Any room for a daily active member?


Hi Gromveka,

There is an opening now. I wanted to invite you but you are not on the waiting list. You can try to take the spot if open, or We can coordinate it to get you in. I will probably have another spot tomorrow.


Congrats to Kamedaya and @FitAari our new Guild Elite players for their contributions to our guild so far!
They get to proudly wear a gold cup beside their name and have gained our respect!


+Up come join our growing community


+Up dont forget to be acticve and check in daily


Half way to the next upgrade! Keep walking team! :sunny: