(Pump Garden) (Guild) (Gold lodge)


Hi guys, new to the group and 1 week into the game.
Thanks Annif!


Welcome Marc! Glad to have you in our guild!
Doing well for a week in the game!


Woo hoo! Level 8!!
Keep moving and checking in everyone, we are doing great!!


Congrats to our new elite player Cheska!
Your contributions to our guild are appreciated!



Ok I think this is the right place as you called me out on the game page :rofl: I had no idea this chat was here sorry! Also, what’s an elite player?


If anyone has line app, which you can get on android and Apple, then download it! It’s like WhatsApp, but without giving people your phone number or email address! I play a few online games and we all use this platform to chat and share tips etc! If you want, I can make up a game room where the members of this guild can all join and chat a little easier than on here! Download the app, find me with - cheskah1986 - and send me a message so I know who you are and that you’re from here, and then I can start a chat room for us all!


Hi Cheska,

Glad you found the chat! Congrats again!

Most time when the guild upgrades to a new level we can nominate a new elite player. Unfortunately, no real perks attached, more of an honorific title :slight_smile:
Title usually given to players who contribute the most to our guild.

For the group live chat I am more then willing to try it. We did try another type at one point but few members joined. It is not easy to communicate with all the guild’s members as not everyone finds the forum and we have limited amounts of characters on the guild description.

But I am definitely willing to give a try! Just let me know what I need to post in our description for members to find it and I will add it with pleasure!


Ok, first download it, it’s called ‘line’ app and create an account. Look me up, I’m ‘cheskah1986’. Then send me a message to let me know who you are, and I’ll create a group for us. Then all you need to do it post the details on the guild page for everyone to find! Trying to find it on here is bloody hard work!


Please come say hi and introduce yourself in the new Line group chat for our lodge!

Cheska has create a group for us! All you need to do is download the app, it’s called ‘line’ app and create an account. Look for ‘Annif’ or ‘cheskah1986’. Then send one of us a message or request an invite!


Congrats everyone on reaching level 10!!

We welcome one more member and one more elite player!
Congratulations to Marc who has very quickly risen to the elite status by his contributions to the guild!!


Congrats again to our guild members for reaching level 11!
Keep up with all the efforts and contributions!


Congrats on reaching level 12!!

Also, three new elite members named: Olaf, M & GG2019

Thanks for helping our guild!!


Don’t forget to add the ‘line’ chat app, as it’s a lot easier than this ridiculous thread! Look for me - cheskah1986 - add me, message me, and I will add you to our group room!


You know you want to! Apart from M… he can go away until I can beat him! :joy::joy::joy: Just joking! Maybe…


Yo you guys still recruit. I’m an active player and regular super-check in guidemate. Been looking for a social guide to join and gold-lodge seems hella fun.:grin:


Would be happy to have you on board!
We would just have to time ourselves as every So often I unfortunately have to kick people out for inactivity. I can let you know before doing so next and you can grab the free spot!


Thank you Annif. Please keep me posted.


Congrats Gold lodge on making it to level 15!!
Well done everyone!


Hi all!

Looking to join an active guild. I’m still a new player - but consistently playing and would love the chance to join!

Let me know if a sport opens up?


Hi Superclub,

Really sorry I missed your message from a few weeks! I hadn’t seen there was action on this thread. Have you joined a guild since?
If not you are always welcome to join ours.


Hi Annif!

I have - but it is not that active…was hoping to get some more check-in rewards from all members! I have recently left my guild - so I can join this one now (And check in in 24 hrs). Let me know when a spot opens up (its currently at 50/50 members)


Hi Superchub, just sent you a private message :slight_smile: