PSA: Don't use Bonsai in Arena

While I know I should enjoy others weakening their Arena teams for me. It pains me too much to see this waste-of-space pet on soooo… many Arena pet teams.:sob:

This pet only affects targets in Adventure mode and Dark Rush.

  • Sage, Toffee, and Mojo are the only pets that affect enemies in the Arena.
  • There is only one reason to be using this and that is that you have no other pets and an empty spot because, “Why not”.:man_shrugging:
  • The support skills he gives are not better than an entire pet that actually affects your heroes.
  • I know the shiny reflective shield looks cool, but it is not that amazing. When you get him to 5 :star:, you will receive your shiny shield and the satisfaction that he is not on your pet team.

Ok…rant over…


Bonsai, sounds familiar… Oh look, he’s in my arena team! :blush: Guess I saw the red arrows and ignored the text/parenthesis, especially in the excitement of getting my first rare pet.

So I’m gonna say thanks!, as your post obviously helped and I replaced him, but I still don’t really get how pets work - does their order in the team matters or how does the support skill work. Any chance there’s a post explaining pets in more detail? Like the awesome post about Arena & build guide?

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I couldn’t find a guide, so I created an example out of one of my pets. Hopefully, it will help you!

That’s a great introduction to pets guide @Rhandar.

Here is a link to @Blainemuffin 's Pet and Mutation Skills Guide from the community discord, that I helped with. It is more of an informational guide.
Here are a few of the sections I created which list all the mutation skills and what pets have access to them.

There are a few skills that are only available to some pets and I list them, but these are the general rules.(Also, I’m still working on the min-max ranges but most are done)



I have more pet mutations to do at some point, and that will be extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing!

I’m fairly certain that I saw a Twinkie in the arena on this server with immune to CHAOS, but I can’t find it to verify. Might have been mutated or player may have quit playing. I’ll keep looking and let you know if I spot it again.

What a wonderful resource, thanks for sharing with us^^

Didn’t have much of a plan with regards to pets because I didn’t understand how they work, but this link and the Wrinkle intro to pets helped a lot :+1:

/off to fix my pets :wink:


I was wondering how the heck players had that shiny reflective shield! It does look pretty cool… Do you know what/who/how the gears protective shield is cast (it just flashed up for a second)?

This is what we are talking about
Shield text

You are talking about Evocation a Priest Skill.

That’s exactly it. I haven’t evolved my Priest yet so don’t have that skill.

Can’t wait to get Bonsai to 5 start to get the shiny shields though. Gonna be a while!