[Poll Closed] Need your feedback on the upcoming UI changes


It’s not free if you pay for it. My complaint is that there are too many ads for subscribers. They can put all the ads they want for those who want a “free” game.
I know i could just not watch the ads but i can’t handle someone getting an edge over me because they did watch the ads. Just think the game should be about walking not time wasted watching commercials.


You make a good point. I’ve paid quite a bit and I understand where you are coming from. For me, nobody is forcing me to pay and nobody is forcing me to watch ads though. :thinking:

I hear that. I have never turned down an ad that gives me more energy. In theory, I could. In practice, I won’t. :thinking:


Agreed! Hope they change that in the next update. I get so frustrated because I’m at work and usually miss the 30 check in reward, even though i super check in every day.


I think you are doing a great job so far :blush::+1:t4: I would like the addition of an exchange system of sorts, for all if the leftovers pet pieces that are maxed out, and clothing options all bought up and such, if possible.


We are already discussing this. Can’t promise anything up to this point though.


Hi guys, I’ve sent over the crystals up to this post. Please let me know if you didn’t receive them.


Increase the the daily steps to 20k instead of 10k.

ID ng6pgy


Not a Fan of the New Ads

  1. On average, they’re much longer now. Some are 45+ seconds. Took more than 7 minutes to watch 10 of them.
  2. Most (if not all) no longer have countdown timers, for obvious reasons.
  3. Most now try to force me interact with them. Not interested. I have no desire to pick the same couch to decorate the same room every single time I watch the same ad.
  4. One ad presented me with a fake close box. When I clicked on it, the ad paused and an install screen popped up. When I closed that, the ad resumed playing until it was finished. Only then did the real close box appear. Definitely not going to install that game. Ever.

People have complained about the ads before and I was fairly tolerant. I think, over the long-term, hindsight will show these new ads were a mistake though. I now dread watching them. Can only imagine what players who complained about the old ads are thinking. These are definitely much worse. :thinking:

Update: Seems to have been a 1-day fluke. Please disregard this complaint. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Rhandar thank you for the feedback. Do you mind to send me the screenshots of the ads you mentioned? I’ve contacted our ad provider to see if there are any changes to the ad lineups.


The crystals are sent.



Will do. One particularly annoying ad is from Matchington Mansion. I suspected I was not alone in my dislike of it so I looked through its App Store reviews and found this gem.

My sentiments exactly. Well, almost exactly. One reason that the ad feels like 5 minutes is because I’m nearly certain that it runs for more than 30 seconds. You first sit through what seems like a 30 second ad, then just when you think you are done up pops an interactive game and you get to sit through that too. I didn’t time it, but I did slowly count to 45 from start to finish. Painful.

And once again, no countdown timer on it. Think how much uppercase that review would have if it did. :grimacing:

Will update this reply with screenshots of the worst ones as I see them, and will also try to time them accurately (will probably need to see them twice to do both).


Saw a few ads. They had countdown timers. They were all ads I had seen before, with some local ads mixed in.

None of the “new” ads that I complained about had countdown timers and I don’t think I had seen any of them before.

Seems to be back the way it used to be. Maybe this was just a 1-day fluke? :thinking:


I longer watch the ads in daily fit quest. Totally not worth the time.
10 ads = 5+ minutes of time
10 ads = 4500 energy = not enough to level up one level = not worth my time

Most other rewards in the game are scaled up as characters progress. If you want players to keep watching ads then you should consider scaling up rewards in daily fit quest.
My personal opinion is that all the daily fit quest rewards should be ad-free for all paying members.