Not converting steps to energy

Using fitbit and Samsung galaxy s2 tablet. Tracks steps fine but doesn’t convert steps to energy except on the first visit
of the day. Version 2.1.4 not available on google play yet. Also, I often have to close ads 3 to 4 times. Otherwise, love the game. Wokamon was a winner too.

I am also having this issue. I had about 3000 steps yesterday and 2500 today that didn’t convert into energy.

Seems to be working fine today with the recent updates!tes. Thanks.

Please let me know if you are still encountering the problem!

Hi @Ashelt0, which track option do you use? May I also grab your game id?

I am connected to my fitbit. It reads the correct amount of steps but instead of logging the 2500 between log ins it only read like 850 and converted that amount. My game ID is rkgx6m

@Ashelt0 I also use my Fitbit to track my steps for this app. Make sure that your Fitbit device has actually synced with the Fitbit app. I’ve found the few times I’ve received lower steps in FF than what my Fitbit device reflects is because my Fitbit device hadn’t recently synced with the Fitbit app. FF is only polling the Fitbit servers for your step count, not your actual Fitbit device.

Yeah, the actual steps aren’t the problem. The number of steps recorded is the same on my fitbit and in the game. It’s that the steps get added into my total but i don’t get the energy points for them or instead of 2000 new steps synced I only get energy from 840…

Does it only convert the first 10k? It shoes the correct numbers(same as fitbit) but I get no extra energy after the first 10k. Sometimes it will give me credit for 100 steps or something after the 10k. I average 20k a day so I seem to be losing lots. Please help. Love the ga.e

Not converting all my steps again. This is frustrating so I will probably delete game and reinstall at a later date - when the bugs are ironed out. Also, some ads have to be closed multiple times.
Otherwise it’s a great game and really motivates me to do more !teps.

Sorry @Ashelt0, I somehow missed the replies to this post. Are you still having the same issue? Also when you say the energy is not earned correctly are you talking about today’s steps or steps from past days?

Hi @Masha, which tracking options are you using? Please make sure you’ve followed the checklist in FAQ and please let me know if it still doesn’t work out for you!

Sorry @Yanner13, I somehow missed the replies to this post. The step -> energy conversion will still work beyond 10k steps but the chests are capped at 10k. When you sync Fitbit, does it pass 12:00am of your local time?

Please let me know.


No it’s not passed 12am. Like I said I do 20,000 a day and the game shows it but I don’t get more energy :frowning:

@Yanner13 This is pretty weird, do you mind to let me know your game id so I can check your data? Thanks!

Yeah no problem it’s rybb2k

By looking at your data, the game is converting your post 10k steps into energy. Can you please upgrade to the latest version and try again today? Please make sure it’s within the same day.

The play store doesn’t tell me to update so I must have the most recent version. I usually turn on the game after I get 10k usually before 11k. When I turn the game in after it never gives me energy so it’s weird you say the data says otherwise. Yesterday it gave me energy twice after the 10k but it was for way less than I had done. I think once was about 1k steps and the other less than that even though yesterday I did 25k steps. Anyway it’s frustrating because I cant pass levels because I need to level up my guys. I may be able to beat one level after my steps today and then be stuck on the next if I’m lucky. Thanks for trying to help but I’ll have to get rid of the game.

After installing update last night everything seems to be working GREAT! thanks for being so prompt in addressing issues with the app.

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NOT AGAIN!! Steps not converting to energy. REALLY, REALLY FRUSTRATED!!! Added steps from 15,008 to 45,374 and got ZERO energy. I synced fitbit to fitbit app and then directly to FF. Don’t understand what’s going on. I never have this problem with Wokamon. Please fix this asap.