No Energy for steps after 9 PM PST


I haven’t received energy for steps received after 9 PM pacific standard time since last update. The step count goes up. But no energy is received. I’m using an iPhone 6S and have the latest app update. I do start receiving energy after midnight. I do most of my walking between 7pm - 10am PST since I work nights.

Now I’m not getting any videos either :cry::pensive:

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@Maria may I grab your game id? We’ll have a look at your data. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks! I believe It’s GG2010.

Back to no energy credit for steps after 5 PM PST :cry::pensive:! For past two days step count is added but no energy conversion is given. Since I do most of my steps between 1900 - 0900 hours this is really not cool. Will the new update fix this and when is it coming out?

@Maria, can you please upgrade it to v1.1.2 and let us know if the new version fixes your issue?

I did the update then synced my latest steps. My step count went from 43054 to 44331 on the counter but I was not given an y energy conversion credits.

Btw, it’s Marla not Maria. Thanks for looking into this for me.

Did another sync to 47321 steps, still no energy conversion given for last night’s steps. After midnight I was given energy conversion credits for my first 10000+ steps which were completed first thing in the morning (prior to 0700).

Just read in another post that players do not receive energy for steps after they reach 30k steps. Is this true?

Yes, there is a 30k step max, see @marspark’s comment on this post- it’s the 2nd reply:

The 30k step max is also confirmed here, first reply:

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Thanks for the reply. I didn’tknow there was a cap. That may be what’s happening. It’s been great weather here lately so I’ve been more active.

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I am in awe …47k steps !