Love this new game, but one suggestion

I love all your fitness based games and am playing them all. However, one thing I don’t understand is why the rewards cap off at 10,000 steps. 10,000 steps is the recommended MINIMUM daily steps people should be taking. In Fitness Fantasy, you get bonuses as you work your way up to 10,000 steps but if you go beyond it, it almost feels like you’re penalized. No additional step conversion rates or bonuses. There’s zero incentive to walk beyond 10,000 steps which seems to the exact opposite goal of what a fitness based game should aim for!

Hi @radiocricket,

Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad you like the concept of the game!

We are not turning the game into a running contest because we believe people need the most help are the ones who have difficulty to achieve their basic fitness goals. Therefore our future game direction will be adding more rewards for the 1st 10000 steps and 10000 steps streak.

However, we are planning to utilize steps over 30k (currently the energy conversion is capped at 30k steps) but they will be used as resources for a group (for example a guild) rather than personal progression.

That’s just it, I’m exactly the person these games are aimed at. I was very sedentary and 100 lbs overweight just 15 months ago. I got motivated, made some dietary changes and started walking, lots and lots of walking (no running, but hmm, a running step bonus might make sense too). Wokamon was the only fitness game out there besides the Striiv Play (which is no longer supported). Then Pocket Plants came out and it helped keep me walking even more. I’ve lost 85 lbs but also much of my motivation. I’m doing StepBets just to force me to walk, as without them, I go back to my sedentary ways and only get 2-3,000 steps a day on my off days with StepBet. Yesterday was an off day and it would have been easy to just end the day at 1,800 steps but due to Fitness Fantasy, I walked for an hour on the treadmill last night and got 10,000 steps. I would have easily walked another hour for the game to level up my heroes but there’s no motivation within the game to do that. That’s what’s so disappointing, it’s a demotivator at that point. Great, you reached 10,000 steps, why not walk another ten minutes and get 1,000 more steps?!

Also, a recent study was done with UK postal workers and they found the new minimum steps per day should be 15,000, that 10,000 steps isn’t enough to lower obesity related disease (10,000 steps isn’t enough). In addition to that, another study found that people shouldn’t sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Even more alarming is the increased risks if you sit for more than 60-90 minutes in a day, no matter if you workout daily (move every 30 minutes)(the study). I’d really love to see these new health findings incorporated into the game. As of now, I can’t find any fitness based alarms that will alert if I’ve not reached 200 steps within a half hour period. Some wrist trackers will alert if there’s been no activity in 60 minutes but that’s not enough, nor do I want to change trackers. It would be great to see Fitness Fantasy incorporate these new health goals.

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Hi @radiocricket, thank you for the insight. We will discuss this, not just the 10k+ step rewards but also the possible option for other fitness gaming mode. Thank you again!