Mage Classes - Arcanist vs Arch Mage

I will update this once I manage to get my new arcanist at the same level as one of my Arch- Mages

I have a Warrior and Three Arch-Mage team. I have always been super curious to know what an Arcanist Mage might be like. On the Beta server I have a test account where I decided to make and try one out. Below please find the pictures of the actual skills (I haven’t been able to find these anywhere!). I will reply to this post with what it’s like to use them. Later I will post stat comparisons between two equal mages and arena and event comparisons.

My master codes: Twin Peaks rebyg Fit Tower z8mvr Fit Land ryxvz. I will post results for more classes soon!




Most of you have an Arch-Mage and are pretty familiar but in case you don’t!

Arcane Blast hits all the bad guys at once every five rounds, taking our whole rounds in events and battles. In arena, even in A league you can one shot a whole enemy arena team with it making arena fights a race for which archmage pops their Blast off first.

Arcane Power is the other arch-mage skill. I haven’t really played with this skill much before now. When paired with maxed out S crit chance it would give you a massively high likely of critting each shot. Where in the current game is that actually useful? I would love to hear! With Arcane Blast one shotting whole rounds/teams it’s hard to see where one might need crits right now. Maybe if things changed and defense became higher in Arena? If there were single enemy boss fights this skill could be amazing there!

Ok so I was excited to see what Arcane Barrage actually is and it surprised me. It hits three random targets and but hits harder than Arcane Blast (10% plus 262 harder). Not as helpful in battles and events where Arcane Blast can easily take out 6 bad guys, but potentially useful for Arena. Especially if you are up against someone who you can’t one shot with a Blast. Since most of the time Arch-mages are one shotting all enemies, this looks less useful than Arch-mage now. If defense was boosted this skill and therefore the arcane mage could end up coming out on top. Update: One additional advantage of this skill is that one might be able to stack matching speed rings (losing your magic attack bonus) and still one shot multiple enemies). Only way to know would be to make a very advanced Arcanist!!!

Last Arcane Twister
Freezing enemies sounded great but in actually it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. It hits a line of enemies (think warlock curse) not a row. So it hits one to two enemies when it goes off. And it sorta hits as hard as the barrage. It is great that it adds freeze. If arena battles lasted longer than 5 seconds who knows maybe it would be worth it. For now I would rather use barrage if I did have an arcanist.

I think I might stick with my Arch-mages for now but Arcanist could be up and coming if defense gets upped in Arena. I am developing an Arcanist more out of curiosity of its ability to stack speed and not lose attack power with barrage.

If anyone has had an arcanist and has more experience info to share I look forward to your replies!


Thanks. Very helpful info.



Here are the stats of two level 77 mages without gear. One Arcanist and one Arch-mage. Unlike the two warlock classes their stats are the same (the only differences are due to passive skills)


Yes very useful, this is information that the devs should have published


Maybe they lowered the arcanist power for balance or you had glyphs enhancing the skill?, but my arcane barrage and twister start at 85 and 80% As opposed to 95 and 90%.

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