List of Suggestions

I’ve compiled a list of suggestions, some are more helpful, some are more wishful!

Equipment Bag:

  • Remove duplicates option- self explanatory, with this function, it should remove the duplicate with the lowest value. This would be great to have on the main bag and on the individual hero type’s equipment list.

  • Batch Sell- 1-5 star option- add this option


  • Show next Powerups- there’s an arrow to look back but none to look forward.

Hell Mode

  • Characters- all the characters are the same, though attack differently. Perhaps that’s meant to be part of the challenge of Hell mode but it’s not as fun when the characters all look the same. I found it so enjoyable when I first started playing to see the different enemies with each level in the Normal mode. It wasn’t surprising to see most of them repeated in Nightmare mode but it’s a bit boring to know they’re the same for each level in Hell mode (though I’m only on the third level there, maybe they change as I progress?)

Stamina Tree

  • Similar to Pocket Plants Amethyst Tree- Perhaps there’s a Powerup for this that I’ve not reached yet, if not, it would be great to have an option to speed up the rate in which stamina is collected.

Higher Step Counts

  • Bonuses- Bonuses should increase the more you walk, not cap out at 10k steps. If the idea is to get users moving and more fit, they should be rewarded for doing so. Even a bonus for each 1,000 steps above 10k would help. Wouldn’t users be tempted to walk for just another 10 minutes to earn a few more crystals, stamina, etc?

  • Higher cap- Set a higher step cap limit, or have no limit. Interestingly, it seems the step cap on the Fitland server is higher than on the Fit Tower server. The Fit Tower server’s cap is definitely at 30k, but the Fitland server’s cap looks to be 40k. Even if it’s not additional energy conversion but some kind of bonus for those walking more. I’m guessing you have algorithms in place to weed out the cheaters versus the user that are honestly getting that many steps.

Skills List

  • List of available skills- Right now it’s just comparing and replacing that reveals the possible skills, it would be great to know all the skills that are available.


  • Refresh Shop- Currently, gift packs are only offered as a single purchase. Once you buy it, it’s gone. Refresh the shop every month. Add more chests with single items- 100 Fit Stones or 1000 Blessing Gems- whatever, into the mix.

@radiocricket thank you for your list of suggestions and they look awesome!

We are still evaluating the post 10k+ step rewards and will share details once we confirm.

The others are more related to the user experience which we’ll discuss sometime this week. We are already doing some of them and will try our best to improve the gaming experience as we go.

If you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you!


Here’s one more, I went to convert my steps after not logging on all day and wanted to use crystals to get 60% more energy but I didn’t have enough crystals. I got a pop-up saying I didn’t have enough crystals but no option to buy more. The only thing I could do was watch a video for 20% more (and had the same glitch others have mentioned with having to watch two videos- not a big deal though). I earned 23.89K energy and needed 1.41K crystals for the 60% more. Please add in the option to buy more crystals when a user doesn’t have enough.


Once you complete stage 10-10 you unlock nightmare mode. Not sure if u already past that or not

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@Laharl, yes, I’ve passed that. After you win 10-10 in Nightmare mode, there’s Hell mode. It’s definitely a fun challenge though the only character you fight is the small purple guy.

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Mind if I pm u some questions? Or are u in the discord?

@Laharl, Discord isn’t really for me but you’re welcome to pm me and I’ll answer that I can!

These are suggestions from more advanced player but you should also look at newbe pow.
There are many things unclear so there should be some info/description at all aspect of game, eg what is “resilence rating”?
Also there should be possibility to sell items straight after they where gained.
And there should be possibility to postpone energy convert because now every adv watch, every screen turnoff (eg when long fight is in progress) force you to convert some small portion of steps.


I do agree that the converting small steps is annoying but that prob won’t change because ad revanue . Now to know what each stat does u just need to hold finger over it. Resil rating increase resil % and resil % reduces ur chance to be crit

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First of all, I wanted to say congratulations and thank you very much for this wonderful game. Then sorry for my dumbfull English, I’m French and I’m not used to write in English.
So I am playing the game for a few days now, and I have some ideas to propose, in my opinion, it may be a little ambitious but why not try ?

  • This idea will be to set up a new system to gather new heroes. It would consist of collecting pieces of heroes (a bit like outfit cards) through events for example, and once the number of necessary pieces acquired the player can invoke the hero.

  • I was also thinking of creating dungeon. When the player reach the 10 000 steps, he gain a key that allow him to go on a dungeon 3 time by days. It will randomly generate in the game with a powerful boss at the end and a good reward. There will be several levels of difficulty with rewards proportional to the difficulty.

  • Why not create guild for gathering players together and also raids. That would be very interesting.

  • Create mini games available after some steps to gain more ressources.

  • Create a little review with guide and people’s opinion (developers and players) for each new heroes or payed player with for do it

  • Use runes to place in the equipment, which confer new buff (like absorb but in weaker)

  • Create a forge where players can create weapons and equipements using their ressources

  • Add a Local Wifi of bluttooth mode to fight with or against friend for fun.

  • Exchange heroes with friend online, in local wifi or in blutooth

  • Create a Leader skill for each heroes

  • Add bonus for heroes with the same class that are place in the team

  • For the last one I know that it’s not related to the gameplay but, maybe you should give the player the opportunity to buy by-products such as T-shirts, posters or figurines for examples

Feel free to contact me for more information
(If possible send me an email there will certainly be more chances that I answer.)

Looking forward to an answer that I hope positive, I beg you to approve my greeting distinguished.


@Akhoris thank you for taking the time for writing all these feedback. Some suggestions are quite interesting like the forge/rune one. We are pretty busy with a new feature update and the guild functionality. Once we sort those out we’ll discuss your suggestions!



Additional feature suggestons:

Player Stuff
Allow characters to have multiple gear sets to swap between various play modes, ie arena vs story vs challenge.

Arena Stuff
The goal for limiting 10K steps is to encourage users to get at least that much exercise and from what I’ve read about hesitation to increase is that you’re not discouraging people that don’t always meet those goals.

Arena play is competitive by nature. As such there are tiers. In other pay to win apps the arena battles separate those willing and unwilling to participate. If we consider “steps” as the currency in the Arena version of “pay to win” people that are unwilling / unable can still cap their tier without a lot of discouragement from those willing to step it up.

What if higher step tiers offered Arena tokens, which could be used to buy refreshes, more arena matches, or purchase gear only usable for Arena play (specifically it could introduce buffs that could help survive high level attacks intended for monsters or could reduce cooldown on special ability use or the like. as an added bonus it is another silver sink ie revenue stream).

Guild Stuff
Guild Activities that have no cap on step limits but reward tiers that still allow small guilds to successfully motivate one another with stretch goals that might push and larger guilds to benefit from greater participation. Members convert steps into Teamwork which is a resource owned by the guild, meaning if the member leaves then it does not take any submitted Teamwork with it. Unsubmitted steps and unused Teamwork is lost as the end of each activity.

Below is a proposal for a 4 week activity cycle.

Activity 1: Under Attack

Week 1: Prepare the Defenses. Rumor of Evil Wizard Ego’s plan to build forces to assault the land with Dark Energy has caused concern among the citizens. The guild must build up its defenses in anticipation of the impending attack.

  • Description: Teamwork is used to purchase Defense points. Members might also find aid packets while playing in story mode. These random drops would only come from actively fighting (not just looting) and would be proportionate to the risk / level. These aid packets would boost Defense points for the guild.
    -Reward based on total Defenses points purchased.

Week 2: Protect the Hall. The Evil Wizard Ego has unleashed its forces upon the land threatening to consume everything it touches with Dark Energy. The guild must defend the citizens against this assault.

  • Description: A wave of monsters are sent to attack the guild (ex. 20 * 80% of guild size) each day. Members a wave of use their heroes to fight monsters scaled to their hero. Any monsters that remain at the end of the day reduce a number of Defenses. Once Defenses are consumed the monsters are able to directly reduce a massive amount of Teamwork points.
    -Reward based on number of Teamwork points that remain, with bonus reward for leftover Defense points

Activity 2: Turn the Tables

Week 1: Rally the Troops The land has survived a harsh assault by the Evil Wizard Ego but now may be the perfect time to turn the motivation of the people back on him. The guild must gather willing participants to help lead the charge.

  • Description: Teamwork is used to purchase Mercenary points. Members might also find aid packets while playing in story mode.These random drops would only come from actively fighting (not just looting) and would be proportionate to the risk / level. These aid packets would boost Mercenary points for the guild.
    -Reward based on total Mercenary points purchased

Week 2: Storm the Dungeon. With the Evil Wizard Ego’s initial defenses cleared it is time for the guild to show the citizens it wont stand for his negativity.

  • Description: The guild attempts to eradicate a number of monsters each day (ex. 20 * 80% of guild size). Members use their heroes to fight a wave of monsters scaled to their hero level. Any monsters that remain at the end of the day reduce a number of Teamwork points to clear out.
    -Reward based on number of Teamwork points that remain, with bonus reward for leftover Mercenary points

Wow I mean wow. This is the 1st time we see suggestions which adopt the story line. I’ll pass it to our game designer next week. Really thank you for this!


@MavrykGM awesome suggestions and a lot a time and effort into these ideas :clap:


I have seen a few suggestions about step changes that would give benefit to higher levels of steps behind 10k/30k or increase step limits.

I would caution against this. With certain step devices (e.g. the fitbit watches) and apps (like the paid version of limeade) it is trivial to edit your steps, and even edit them retroactively for previous days. Sometimes you could spot cheaters by sudden changes, but unfortunately sudden changes really happen with steps. e.g. a went to yellowstone a few weeks ago and had 3x my normal steps because of all the hiking I did there.

People who cheat on steps are really just cheating themselves. I would rather not see them get significant real benefit from it.

I have 2 suggestions. 1st suggestion is Maybe add some customization features to the player character on the home screen. Like Outfit cards that you can mix and match. you could buy or earn these throughout the game. Maybe have them grant different bonuses as well? You know to give it some functionality.

2nd suggestion is Maybe make a app for Fitbit/Android watch/apple watch that’s just a clock of the player character going through dungeons and such ? And if your up to the challenge make it a mini game of sorts I know your limited on those devices. But I think it would be a great way to give us more lore and give us more to do in the game. I think that adds a great touch to an already great game.

Thanks and I hope you give this some consideration!

Would it be possible to balance out the fit stone usage? Now it’s a hard to get resource that one needs to use to upgrade heroes, and upgrade the skills, and all of those cost a ton…


Agreed, I haven’t upgraded any skills at all instead opting to save for evolutions because fit stones are so rare.

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Is there a public development glide path/roadmap for this game? I really enjoy it, and I’ve been waiting years for a fitness rpg game that can sync with the Fitbit!

I totally understand that games like these require money to pay developers and additional resources, which is why I don’t mind purchasing in-game features. I think that if the dev team had a little more transparency on where they would like to see this game going, it could potentially attract more players to invest in the game.

There are obviously a lot of people who enjoy this game still, and the fitness technology is only going to improve! Logan off potential. :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t5:

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