List of Suggestions

Thank you for your input. We think it’s a good idea and are planning to do this after the next update.

One of my frustrations, or a suggestion I would like to make, is for items with more stars to be sold for more than those with with only one star. For example, you buy something from the arena chest but it’s an accidental duplication or it isn’t really applicable to your current characters. If you choose to sell it you would only get 100 silver, the same as a 1 star item. The higher level item cost you waaay more to purchase but you get nothing out of it if you choose to sell it. I think a little more balance would be nice.


Haha, yes I thought it was strange 5* equipment is only 100 same as 1*. Makes upgrading equipment much harder/longer.


@Leah_Braaten, when sell a 6 stars item, you should receive a part of Honor gems you paid for and a part of silver you paid for upgrade.

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