Level, upgrade, evolve in 7 days


After last patch, you have to upgrade priest after mage. With a good priest, an warlock and 2 mage you will finish the stages, faster. For arena, îs good a warior with 2 Dodge rings, or a good knight.
I started today 14 September, on the newest server Twin Peak, only to give you daily information about my leveling. So keep it tunes and compare your efforts with me.
FIRST DAY: 14 sept. Lvl 0-20
Steps 6k, stages 23, crystals 1100, biggest item mage staff 2*.
The stage19 is hard to pass. I had to evolve the mage. I bought a mage sword 2* with 800 silver. Warrior is lvl 20, mage lvl 24, priest lvl 14,
Hint: focus to upgrade mage and warrior. Take 2stars items from stage 13 or 16. I need a master. Where to find, game doesn’t give any information. I pushed all buttons to take stars award or crystals, daily quests. I upgrade steps rate. I checked guild and arena. First ranked is a bot, has 2 6stars heroes.second is Jax which bought at least 10k crystals to take 2 heroes 5 stars. I lost in arena all 10 games and won 30 medals of honor and 100 crystals.

Scroll and read comments if you want to see all 7 days.


How did you start new server? New device? Or uninstall and reinstall?


Click settings, at the bottom it has “select server” :grinning:


Thanks I didn’t see that


[quote=“Skilleton, post:1, topic:5184”]
second is Jax which bought at least 10k crystals to take 2 heroes 5 stars.
[/quote] Have you tried battling him? His team is not so strong despite 2x5stars heroes. But there’s another player with a name I can’t read (don’t know that language) that got a really strong team


Hehe. I am poor. If you want to compete in the beginning of game, you have to buy crystals or to wait days.


Hey Skilleton - if you still need a master in the Twin Peaks server, you can use my code: ryg29

I just leveled up to 33 and was bummed not to find a master.


I’ll use the code too. Although I almost at the level to get mine :scream:


Agree. To get some stuff on the battle field, you actually have to have equipment higher than you’re getting. The new server is not as easy as the first.


Luna was nice and gave me message with first master code on server: zn82k8. Luna made first guild. I won 6 arena battles. I’m lvl 29, 2 k crystals, power 13k. Hint: warrior defense must have same priority as mage atack.


First bug was happening on new server. I was 29 with some gear and stage 3.6 3stars, after 5 minutes, I’m level 28 with poorest gear and stage 3.6 2 stars. I’d:rgn9kj.


Yeah I did buy a crystal pack and bought a mage pack today too. I normally try not to spend much real life money but I figured at the beginning is when it will count the most. I missed my way into the guild before it maxed out! I wonder if the player with the kanji? characters got booted since they are gone now?


Happy to share my master code! I actually didn’t create the first guild. The original leader disappeared from the guild and I was randomly designated the new leader. Not sure what happened there. But I do know there is no way I could get 50k in energy on the first day to create a guild! I’ll upgrade it as soon as I can so others can join. Now I just need to figure out how to activate the lottery.


My master code rbmyw.at level 33 you receive a Knight. I am second ranked in arena, 90% winning :slight_smile: . 4100 crystals, stage 4.2.


We just need lo keep checking in & collect enough points for lvl 3.


I bought mage 5stars. I’m level 40, 30k power, on 4.3 stage and 4th in arena. The 1,2,3 ranked, having 1 extra hero with money, kicked my ass:)
HINT: Is time to activate daily subscription; is 3 days free and you receive 1k crystal only for testing. You have to stop it after 3 days if you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription. @Rain, what is your nickname in game?


You’re doing pretty well :+1:t2: I’m only 8th in arena :thinking: . Which ING would you like to know? I use 3 :joy: The latest: Wild.


Hoho 3!! I started on second only for help others. It was so frustrating for me to leveling only by testing, no other clue.
Your fit tower nickname?


I’ve given up on FitTower :joy: only minimal mode there(sync & guild) “TTT” I’m learning on my mistakes :scream::scream::scream:

Btw, I still open Wokamon once twice a month :joy::joy::joy:


What is your nickname on wokamon? Im andrei baciu, 7th ranked:)))