League A Bug in Arena

League A appears to have just opened up and it crashes every time you challenge an opponent, mid battle it says “No opponent found” then boots you out after the battle finishes. Still appear to be getting points even though it says +0 when the battle ends after a win. And so far there are 2 of us in the whole league… and other top League B players are still in League B…


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I’m glad not to have to avoid battling you all now in team A !
It’s hard enough where I am
Hope @Shikudo gets is sorted for you soon

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Im not upset about being alone in here with Vamos! Puts on an equal playing field and actually makes it competitive! If I remember right and you’re Dor Dor, you were solidly beating me! And Tiger renamed themselves “Sarah” so that is not me in League B! I had to put a difficult to reproduce character in front of my name to stop people from just using it…

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Hi, yes I’m Dor Dor :wave: …Vamos too powerful for me, you’re doing so well !!

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Sorry we’ve just added some bots. We’ll rename them later but it will do fine now.

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Thank you! The glitch is still happening in terms of starting a battle, you get an error screen saying “no opponent found” as the battle continues in the background and then when it’s done it kicks you out of the arena… still appear to get rewards as expected. image|281x499

Would be good to have some guidance on how arenas are decided. I figured it was ranking of players by strength, but it looks like, instead, it is based on certain strength thresholds?

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My experience has been that top players in a league advance to the next league… with the exception of three of us getting bumped to League A… which feels like a time out, or may as well be. I do have frustration that it appears only a 3-mage set up can sustain that top league status… balance issues. I’ve tried every combination and ultimately, weaker opponents with all mages still do better than any other combination overall. And I’ve got pretty powerful not mages. Keep thinking an update will correct that but so far, no way around it once you get to A/B leagues.

You are right, I been trying different combinations as well, still find it hard to beat 3 mages team. In fact Tiger (renamed Sarah) does have pretty interesting set up against 3 mages team. Typically the dev will review from time to time to balance the characters. Knight and rogue literally useless currently.

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I actually shifted my front warrior from the mid slot to the bottom slot when I see sarah is my opponent. That way the warrior attacks a mage first instead of another knight. It is fairly effective, but makes you noticeably less effective against other 3 mage setups.
I’ve almost got a 4th 7-star mage with equipment, and I am curious how a 2x2 mage only setup will do.

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Hoping you come up to A League! It will take a collaborative effort for Vamos not to win. My team is good enough to consistently beat that player but they are buying so many battles it’s impossible to get ahead unless more than one of us is winning matches against Vamos. I buy more than most but I still can’t imagine how many crystals Vamos buys in a day. I won at least 30 battles with them today and they still ended up 2000 points ahead.

Me too! What’s your ign? I’m very interested in seeing how 4-mage would do… has anybody tried going all warriors? They can get enough dodge, hp, and defense to be pretty good against mages I think…

How do you guys get so much score? Vamos got 11k and you got about 8k. Whats the win rate in League A now? Assuming 100% win rate that is about 50+ battles per day that will cost 100k+ crystal for the whole season. If your win rate is not 100%, it will be more because the battle after 50 battles per day increase like skyrocket. Can marspark please check if that is genuine or really he is spending that much of crystal?

I tried to build a 3 warrior team but it is not meaningful because the attack is too low, it takes forever to bring down 1 warrior at the front row. Tried rogue as well but the backstab cant even 1 hit the mage at the backrow. Spent most of my resources on R&D otherwise I could build a super mage team.

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There’s no competition in League A right now, it’s me, Vamos and Dragon and the rest are bots. So you can just defeat bots over and over. I also do not understand how Vamos does it, he’s strong but not that strong. He has poor defense and low HP on all mages. For the First 7 days of this Season none of us were attacking each other much, just fighting bots so that inflated our scores. Then I switched my team and started trying to take down Vamos and he’s gone up almost 3k points in the last 24 hours even with me defeating him consistently.

Vamos doesn’t have even close to a 100% win rate… this is just from this morning… he must have leveled up something last night to start beating me more but a day ago I was winning more…

He would have to be spending almost 100k crystal a day… because after 30-40 battles at 100% win that’s only 800 points best case scenario, after that battles are 2.4k crystals each… so for him to go up 3k points in 24 hours (despite me beating him, so it’s actually more than 3k, because I beat him down to 8k score yesterday) that’s 24k crystal each additional 400 points. (2.4k crystal x 10 battles at 20 points each).

Then you factor in him having maybe a 60% win rate and the crystal count seems limitless. I’m spending too, more this week trying to take him out… but I’ve learned my lesson and not doing that again because there’s no point, it’s not worth the 1 slot. If you’re in League A next week I’ll promise not to attack you and we can both see if we can control his point count. That feels like the best option, teamwork. Cheaper for everyone :joy:

Does he therefore spend a lot of real money buying crystals simply to stay no 1 ? I spend zero bar monthly pass …it’s the real competition to me that matters …walking to keep fit, enjoy this game in my down time, battle with what I’ve earned, not bought :relieved: