iOS V3.1.8 stuck issue updates


Posting i.d as per developers request for compensation’s.

Kind Regards,


Hi @Sunshyne, I can’t find your game id, can you please help me to double check it? Thanks!


@marspark: I ended up starting again (couldn’t get old account to load or find it’s original name/ID). New account ID is b95ekw (NemDem).


My game id:




Hi i still have issue i cant log my account i need to do it all over its the second time im force to start over and its extremely disappointing


@Cath_Martel can you please let me know your game id? and can you please check if you’ve installed the latest version (v3.1.10)? Please let me know!


@marspark Hi, just noticed the daily goal “floss is fun” was inactive still at 7:30, but expired at 8pm - photo taken at 19:40 BST.


Hi marspark,
Thanks for your team’s work and efforts.

I’ve updated to the latest version and have logged in for the first time in ages.

FYI the Arena is active but indicates I have to spend crystals to challenge. Not sure if this is a bug or not. Will see again tomorrow.


@Kristin, @Batty, these could be related to the timer fix. Please give it another day and let me know if the problem still persist.



wrote too quick, 10 free battles are now there.


Also forgot to mention, that every time I enter the game on my second account (Annif3), it is half frozen on the ‘arena pointing’ part of the tutorial. Telling me the arena is now open. But once I go to the arena as I have no choice, everything works ok.

My two accounts:


Thank you @Annif, we’ll investigate on the arena issue.


@Batty and don’t forget to let us know your game id so we can send over some compensations. Thanks!


My game ID is ekq6w8. Thanks for the compensation, and more importantly, restoring my game progress.


Hi marspark, so arena ok now. My game is: ym5xyn, Power Tablet.



Hi, yes, floss time is working today, thanks :slight_smile:


Here my game ID 94jj9w thanks


My game id is mv66yp thanks


Hi again marspark.

Is there a 14-day retention in the mailbox? I didn’t know or remember that, and did not pick up all the compensation (as not enough time to spend on this game).

My bad for not collecting earlier.