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Here you will find about 6 stars hero’s skills: V0.6 release notes.
Here, to care about:5 things to care about if you are new in game
How to level up evolve a hero:
How to level up equipment:
How to spend gems:
Discord community:
My master code is r4wgz


Methinks you may have meant to put this under fitness RPG?

Thanks for the useful info!

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I Did It. Tnx for your notification.

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Thanks for the info. Wondering Why there are no information about everything in their official website, such as hero skills, etc,…

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I guess as they have a few games ? All the information is available on this forum and there’s a discord site also


Not all, even now after 6 month: What is the best team composition for end game?

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Which server is this master code for?

The code above is for Fit Tower, but I am full. Code rbmyw Is for Twin Peak.

I already have a master on fit tower. What’s the maximum number of apprentices you can have?

30…and they don’t drop off after they “graduate”
@Shikudo can this be fixed ?

Lucky you to have maximum :slight_smile: I have only 2 & 8 :thinking:

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It seems that being active on discord gave me 30.

Ah … To tell the truth, I don’t like the current apprentice system. There’s nothing behind it. I loved friends in Wokamon & Pocket plants. Sending hearts (Wokamon) every morning made me smile. It was a very good start of my day. Visiting friends world in pocket plants, again was very interesting. Apprentice :thinking: I know more about my opponents in the arena & the members of my guild than about my apprentice. It’s difficult to find enough apprentice without spamming around :thinking:

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My master code on Twin Peak is rbmyw.

I want to kick inactive apprentices

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Sometimes it’s difficult to progress :thinking: Currently I’m stuck on one stage & I don’t think I can get through until Sunday when I get several green stones.

To tell the truth, I’m not surprised that people give up. I can’t say that this game is exciting. It feels like a daily job game.

Lol yup, if you’re stuck you need to wait till you get more energy from walking for leveling heros or wait for stamina to loot stages and level equipment. It’s kinda slow paced. You need patience. I wouldn’t kick for a few days stagnation, it would be like if you haven’t played for weeks.

It’s a good strategy, but it might take simply ages. Prioritising evolving the right heroes could be a better solution. I’ve finally got enough green stones to pick up the class of my top mage & guess what? I unlocked two zones to produce resources.

Still it’s a luck based game :thinking: with lots of twists :scream:

There’s only so many evolution stones per day from step chests. So you still have to wait many days to get enough stones. It’s a waiting game.:wink: