V0.6 release notes

Hi guys,

Here’s the full list of v0.6 release notes. The build should become live in the next couple of days.

Release notes


  • Manually skill cast: choose your target as well as the timing when casting skills (can switch to automatic casting and automatic casting is forced in Tournament)
  • Advanced class: each class can choose 1 of the 2 advanced class when evolving to 6 stars. Each advanced class has different strength and 2 new skills. Please choose carefully as you cannot reset the class once evolved!
  • Health summary: view your daily steps, BMI and calorie burnt for your workout
  • Support Japanese and Korean

Balance changes

  • Adjust attributes for all classes slightly
  • Adjust skill attributes
    • Increase [Iron Skin] effect duration from 3 rounds to 4 rounds
    • Increase [Magic Ward] effect duration from 3 rounds to 4 rounds
    • Increase [Backstab] damage
    • Increase [Fireball] damage, the skill will now damage 2 random targets in the back row
    • Increase [Shield] effect, the skill will now target the most injured ally (in automatic mode)
    • Increase [Curse] damage and debuff damage
  • Some set bonuses are adjusted due to skill adjustments
  • The next Tournament season will last for 10 days. Top players will receive Tournament skins as rewards


  • UI changes
  • Greatly reduce “Energy” cost for leveling heroes before lv 70
  • Greatly reduce “Fit Stone” cost for leveling skills
  • Greatly increase energy rewards in 500-step, 1k-step, and 3k-step chests
  • Slightly increase monsters’ power in adventure mode
  • Add Google Play achievements
  • Increase loading speed

Bug fixes

  • Battle freezes
  • Pedometer, Fitbit issues
  • Step chest bugs when tapping really fast

Advanced class description


  • Guardian - Guardians will protect their allies at any cost, their skills are:
    • Taunt: Attract enemies’ normal attacks
    • Wrath: Has a chance to defeat an injured enemy instantly
  • Berserker - Berserkers can do more damage based on how hurt they are, their skills are:
    • Last Stand: Stay alive after HP drops to 0 and gain a buff effect
    • Berserk: Sacrifice HP for damage


  • Paladin - Paladins share others’ pain and are blessed with more healing power, their skills are:
    • Sacrifice: Defend an ally by taking the damage
    • Renew: Restore HP over time when HP is low
  • Templar - Templars are empowered by blessing. They will not hesitate in striking down the unfaithful, their skills are:
    • Honor: Enhance defense when defending a normal attack
    • Judgement: Deliver extra damage during a normal attack


  • Bandit - Bandits do not hide. Their combat instinct helps them to survive better, their skills are:
    • Furious Slash: Deliver massive damage
    • Survive: Dodge a deathblow and gain a buff effect
  • Assassin - Assassins kill enemies in the blink of an eye, their skills are:
    • Deadly Strike: Damage enemy and reduce their defense
    • Vengeance: Gain a buff effect when HP is low


  • Arch-Mage - Archmages will destroy everything with their ultimate magic power, their skills are:
    • Arcane Blast: Deliver massive damage
    • Arcane Power: Boost caster’s attack power
  • Arcanist - Arcanists disable enemies with forbidden magic, their skills are:
    • Arcane Barrage: Damage enemy and reduce their defense
    • Arcane Twister: Damage enemy and has a chance to inflict [FROZEN]


  • Soul Priest - Soul priests seduce enemies with chaos, their skills are:
    • Charm: Damage enemy and has a chance to inflict [CHAOS]
    • Soul Harvest: Boost caster’s attributes when an enemy is defeated
  • Arch Wizard - Wizards hunger for more power, even it means sacrificing others, their skills are:
    • Doom: Remove enemy’s buff effect and reduce their attack power
    • Blood Pact: Transfer ally’s buff effect to caster and boost caster’s attributes


  • Cleric - Clerics’ healing will always be there when you need them, their skills are:
    • Guardian Soul: Boost attributes when an ally is defeated
    • Purge: Remove enemy’s buff effect and reduce their attack power
  • Philosopher - Philosophers control the battlefield with powerful spells, their skills are:
    • Evocation: Reset ally’s cooldown timer
    • Cleanse: Remove ally’s debuff effect


Really awesome stuff!!! Thanks for the info :):star_struck:

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What’s the buff effect the rogue gets exactly?

Our game designer is currently on holiday. Do you mind to join the discord community. There’s a walkthrough there.

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Yes. I’m in the discord channel. Let me check

Would be really nice to have all the details here, otherwise it’s a blind guess on how good the skills will be. For example, I just saved up enough for a priest and went with Philosopher but found out afterwards evocation is only after hero loses 50% HP, instead of 4 or 5 round cooldown timer as I would have expected. I’m guessing this post is intentionally vague to give the developers wiggle room in the future to balance things. Also the priest purge and cleanse are backwards, cleanse belongs to cleric and purge belongs to philosopher.

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