Fitness RPG refusing to recognize steps some days

Just recently, I started experiencing a new bug on Fitness RPG, where on some days, no matter what, it records zero steps.

On Wednesday 11/10/21, I recorded 11,187 steps, but fitness RPG stayed at zero.
On Thursday and Friday, the game recorded my steps as normal (as it has done for the past several months successfully).
Today, Saturday 10/13/21, I recorded 12,863 steps, but fitness RPG is saying zero again.

Is there any way this can be remedied and I can be given the steps I’ve missed? I have already disallowed google fit to access the app and reallowed it and nothing has changed. There seems to be no reason for why it successfully synchronizes steps some days but not others, and it must be an issue with the app itself, because if I have fitness RPG open and walk around or shake my phone, it still will not record a single step.

This means that not only do I not get my step points, but I miss out on all the chest rewards that I should get for those two days, as well as the expedition extra potions, meaning I cannot do as many expeditions in the future. If this issue cannot be remedied, then I will have to cancel my subscription, because I can’t keep paying for something that doesn’t work. My in game name is Nova and my ID is pw2qmp on server Mirror Lake.

Update: I followed the full instructions from another thread and the issue still persists.
I uninstalled the app, disallowed permissions from google fit, then reinstalled the app, then re-allowed the permissions from google fit, and the app still records zero steps today.

It has to be some sort of bug with the app itself or my account, because it works some days but not others, and when it doesn’t work, it refuses to record a single step.

I am experiencing the same pro ns and recommend

I am experiencing the same problem and reinstalling Fitbit and the game has not changed the outcome. I have not had steps record for 2 days

Hi @GoMe @Nova, thank you for reaching out. Can I please grab your game id and Android model for investigation? Also,

@Nova can you please try to reinstall the game and see if it works? Please remember to connect to a 3rd party account to retrieve your progress and please remember to come back to the correct server (it will default to Winding Fall).

@GoMe when the step counting fails again, can you please try to access a different server and see if it works there? Then switch back again and see if it works.

Please let us know!

3k72pe ID Mirror lake Google Pixel 5.
My steps haven’t started again since stopping yesterday when again no steps recorded. Both days have Fitbit at over 10,000 steps.

My game ID is pw2qmp I’m on a Samsung Note 8, I’m not sure if you did something already, but I was able to recover my steps from both days that were missing. Reinstalling the game didn’t fix the problem; after I did so nothing changed, but then the next morning randomly I received all my missing steps.

How do I find how to select Fitbit as step counter? I can’t find anything under settings? I have lost a week of steps. Can I change to phone steps? User 3k72pe

If you’re on the main screen, click on your fitness hero in the lower left and click device i think

Thanks but I only get option to change avatar

Please click Fit Savior -> Device

My app is recording steps not taken yet???
I’m using andriod redmi


Thank you for reaching out. Can you please check if you’ve done everything in Troubleshooting - Track steps using Android devices

Please let me know how it goes!