Bugs in my progress

After 24 September I couldn’t log to my 2 accounts one on Fit Tower and one on Twin Peak. The devs recover my Fit Tower account and lost my Twin Peak Account.
Now on Fit Tower:
I don receive afk stamina on towers( no stamina, no pets)
I don’t receive afk silver from tower.
My arena games played are not count, if I go to Twin Peak and come back I have to play them again.
I have nmore then 40 posts with @marspark who promised me, 1” days ago, they will repair this shot.
What should I do ?

Possibly a language/cultural cross over but calling someone or something “retarded” is considered offensive in UK :uk:

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the game. Probably the best is to take screenshots & contact the customer service by e-mail :thinking:

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I changed the name of post, but this is a protest post,.I spoke with @marspark around 45 messages and the result is a full of bugs account on Fit tower and a lost account on Twin Peak.

The customers service is @marspark. No answer from 7 days.
Look @Mars_Zhu, @marspark answer 7 days ago( down are number of post comments)

@Skilleton when we say we are going to look into the bug, it usually takes a few days (or even weeks if we cannot reproduce the bugs from our end) to find and fix the issue. They don’t just get fixed instantly which only happens in the lalaland. :slight_smile:

We appreciate everyone’s patience and this is indeed the best we can do.


I disagree that the developers aren’t responsive, and I’ve seen at least two folks who’ve lost their accounts get reimbursed with gear, and that hasn’t happened with other games. This has been the most attentive developer team since the beta launched and we only had like five leagues total worth of players, and they’re just as responsive now that there are three servers full. Its been frustrating at times when bugs come up (but where do they not) and the developers are always responsive.


Disagree or not, game do not save progress. Is not Normal to lose accounts or to face so many issue. Is the first game with so many problems. @marspark is friendly,but this didn’t solve my broken account since 24 September.

i happened to me twice and I am not even making that much of fuss. Just give them a bit of time to fix it, no point demotivating the dev team. I have to say that this is the most interesting fitness game so far, the dev team please keep it up. It is good for me to hav a break, and let the new players to catch up, until I got my account back and therr may be some new feature when they have the updates.


Well said @Jordan_Ng_Seah_Hee and @Steplot

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@Jordan_Ng_Seah_Hee, you realy don’t imagine the size of situation: after 24 sept they lost me an account and tried 3 times to recover another, this one really bugged now. After a discution with 46 posts, the situation is really bad( 7 days from last promise that they will fix in same Day):

@Doreen who are you in game.it seems you are not player, you are One of the devs.

I lose every day 160 stamina, 45k silver, 150 blessing gems and 60-80 honor gems ( no stamina -no pets - no rank game won.
Multiply with 26 and see that is really no big deal:))

Saying I’m a developer …@Skilleton that is so ridiculous it’s funny :joy:

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My bad to believed this. I checked now and I see you are from UK.l.Who are you in game, if you don’t mind to tell me?

I’m concerned you didn’t reply again, so have deleted my post giving my game names

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I saw now and i am sorry for confusion but I’m little bit frustrated about all these things. Anyway I didn’t know your nick name from TPeak. Glad to meet you again.

@Doreen, on Twin Peak I lost 15 stages progress, when the battery was discharged. A lot of time lost… How about that, îs normal? :slight_smile:

On Twin Peak:
I open a 6 stars box and receive 5 stars item options. I want my medals back.
I saw an advertise to receive 10 stamina and receive nothing. I want my 10 stamina.
In pets screen, the option to change pet icon is too close to arrow of changing pets. Is hard to check a pet, close to impossible.

On Fit tower dev @Doreen, I have more then 40 day with no stamina and no silver, with a guild shop broken and with same effort to re log after passing the same conflict server error.

Dev @Doreen, are you there?:)) @marspark lost my account again and do not answer to my messages. What should I do?