Bugs in my progress


They had 50 days to repair my account, now they lost it again.
How about this, @Jordan_Ng_Seah_Hee?


Hi guys,

The current account messing issue will only appear if you switching servers frequently, and will happen more often if you are using multiple devices or multiple 3rd party accounts.

We are still working on this fix and the progress is very slow because we need to re-write the whole account system, and as you can imagine it takes a lot of time planning, migrating and testing before we can release it.

I would suggest to avoid switching server if possible before we make the fix public. However, if you still want to switch servers, please be advised that this issue will likely to happen. Please remember to manually save your data before switching and let me know when your account is messing up so I can restore it for you.


And @Skilleton I understand your frustrations and we are doing the best we can to fix this issue. I don’t check the forum everyday as I’m part of the coding team and my priority now is to rebuild the account system. If your problem is urgent, please email me directly: mars.zhu@shikudo.com.

You can message me whenever you need me, however, please don’t harass other players because it’s won’t help. If this happens again your account will be banned. Thank you for your patience!


Hold on to your in game player IDs


The players must know to be prepared for what it the worst. The worst it happened to me on 2 accounts. You should be fair and face the truth. Some of us had tough days with your game. My situation is without end since 24 sept.


I change frequently from Fit Tower to Twin Peak and I have no problem with Twin Peak account. Your theory is wrong.


@Skilleton why only you have such problems? Its starting to be annoying. Relax and enjoy the game! It is not the end of the world. All the problems what I get (including lost account and data) was fixed very fast thanks to @marspark.
I have a feeling, that you need just someone/something to blame in all your problems…


I agree with @Elina_Baranovska I feel developers working hard and @Skilleton should quit whining, show some love instead


@Elina_Baranovska, im pretty sure you are in E league, are you? Same @Wideck?
When you work 3 month to make a player in top5, A league and in 24sept they made a such big mistake to ruine my account, my pleasure to play for the next 2 months, do I have to understand them?
The simple answer that “this is all they can do” is not nice at all.
I know at Least 10 players who left this game for this reason.
So…play, have fun but don’t blame me for asking my rights. Btw, do you pay monthly subscription on this game? No? I do!


No, you are wrong, @Skilleton. I am higher. And? Bug happen… not only in games, but much bigger systems. There are priorities.
You know your rights, but do you know your duties? 10 went away 10 created new accounts. They come and go. Its your choise to pay or not and I am 100% sure, if you changed the way you communicate, all problems could be solved much faster.
I lost my acc that I created on summer, I lost all my data, when changed phone… but I got it back in less than half a day. I am havving fun. Game is great. Even if I couldnt get my acc back I would start a new game…


So you lost 3 months of progress? Just start over… it’s only a game, the fact this forum is public makes it possible for the rest of the world to witness you crying. You annoy me.


I have to remind you, @Wideck , that you make comments on my post. If you don’t like my post, avoid it, don’t offense me.
About game, I am a winner in arena, my standards in this game are bigger then yours. It is normal for you, both, to don’t understand my complains.


Today 2 new bugs.
In dark Rush I pushed chalenge button and gave me directly the reward. No chalenge even I tried 2nd time. The lost is that I wanted to do more waves that my last record, to take more rewards.
In arena, no score for one game won.

Reminder: Is verry hard to chose display pet, near to imposible cause the button for this is near arrow button.


Did it forget your team? When this happens for me I go check the team and it is empty. So it is empty team bug.


I have the same issue with the display pet on iPhone 7. Bet it has something to do with screen resolution. At least I can pick the last pet in the lineup!


Still always forgets two members of my team every day for arena battles (on Sayuri account only, not Artemis). Used to be all four.