Balance of Characters

First I’d like to say I very much enjoy this game, it’s a great little idea and the fact you can bank steps in order to play later is a great feature (my main issue with things like Pokemon Go is that you have to be playing while you’re walking).

Overall, the balance of characters is really good, Mages hit hard but are super squishy, Priests have high health and medium damage with good abilities, Warlocks don’t hit particularly hard until they unleash a devastating special and Knights can take a beating but hit like an absolute noodle themselves. All of these characters have obvious benefits, but downsides to make them beatable and the game balanced. My issue is with Warriors, and Tesha in particular.

I haven’t bought Tesha, I was put off by how terrible the starting Warrior is, but I’ve come up against her in the arena and she is super OP.
She dodges every single normal attack until you can finally unleash a special on her - due to the fact you can’t target specific opponents you have to keep missing her until a special comes around. And then when you finally do get a hit on her, she has some sort of ridiculous invincibility for like 3 whole rounds.
You’re pouring damage into her and she just won’t die! I hit her with over 150k of damage (when she has about 50k of health) and she doesn’t go down. I’ve lost to teams with more than 30k of power less than me, simply because Tesha sticks around for a load more rounds than she should with her immortality.
In my opinion, this needs a rethink and she needs to be rebalanced. Being able to survive 1 hit after having no health would be a good and useful ability for balance (and something I would completely agree with), but being able to survive all damage even when at 0 health for round after round is ridiculous when combined with the fact you can’t target other heroes.

Is it just me that is thinking this or have other people come up with issues facing Tesha?

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I definitely agree about Tesha. I usually avoid playing against any team that has her. It’s just not fun for me.

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Me too, i skip that enemy.
And since everyone knows about the capabilities of her, almost everyone has jer in their team now.

I have 331k arena power now, and once i fought a guy with 240k power who had tesha in his team.
And guess what: I lost.

Loosing to a player who is lesser than 3/4 of your power shows disbalance in this game really.

And this is not the only case. Any player with 270k power with tesha generally win against me.

I an thinking about dropping my priest out pf team and intaking tesha if i want to play further.

Totally agree! I gave up and got Tisha

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*Tesha because I couldn’t get any further without her

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Hi guys, thank you for your feedback. I believe you are talking about warrior in general since Tesha is no different than your starting warrior except she has a higher star-rating when you get her.

We do believe berserker is a little over-powered and some classes/advanced classes are less popular in the current version. We are thinking of a more elegant way to balance the classes other than simply nerfing them. Please stay tuned!



Thanks Marspark, if you are looking for balancing the game through further updates, here are some suggestions:

  1. In the hell mode, there are no milestone rewards. The heroes Hunter and Shaman can be introduced as the milestone rewards. This will limit them to one, and they can have some superior abilities as compared to other heroes.

  2. If not as milestone reward, A special event can be held monthly, in which players will have to compete to special NPC targets (whose power rating will be similar to that of player), and if player have over 500k power in arena, then they can enter PvP mode to compete against other players to earn extra rewards (fit stone, arena medal of honor, the guild contribution points to purchase heroes or coins).
    And as final ranking rewards (which will be global to prevent smaller players to get powerful heroes), they can be rewarded some hero fragments (like pet fragments, of hunter and shaman), and they can gather hero fragments to make a hero, and also to star them up (with fill, will and knowledge stone). This will make it really fun and competitive.

We are thinking of a more elegant way to balance the classes other than simply nerfing them.

  1. The suggestions above will have its implications in higher level, however for people near 300k power will still have to play with older heroes, and hence face Tesha. Hence some nerfing will be needed to balance the game at every level.

Thanks for your time again :slight_smile:

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A few suggestions from me:

  1. Stop making the arena full auto. One of the problems with the warrior is that another mage hides in the back and the AI does stupid things that means they can’t be targeted. Let me have control like the rest of the game and that would likely be solved, as well as making warlocks more useful.
  2. Give me control over when the characters second ability is used. Some have really good second abilities, ruined by the fact they go off when they are ready. They are also prioritised over the main ability which doesn’t make sense when the main is usually more powerful.
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Just putting the thread link from previous discussion for same topic.