Warriors are ridiculous

I’ve made a post before that was obviously ignored but is anything going to be done about how stupidly overpowered warriors are.
They’re pretty much immortal for 4 rounds, despite me launching over 400k of damage into them which is just frankly ridiculous, especially seeing as it’s not possible to target other characters.
Special after special and normal attack after normal does nothing, despite them having 0 health while the character on the back row just picks you apart.

Can we get a fix to the stupid immortality of the warrior class, it’s stupid when a team 40k power less with a l50 warrior ends up rinsing your level 200 average team because they won’t die.

I think the priest’s purge skill should remove the invincibility, though it does seem to remove the damage buff. I have seen successful teams without a warrior, but not many.

When it comes to simple HP I understand the invincibility . But I was very surprised that wrath doesn’t work since its an instant ko move.

It is the Warrior special skill, stay alive after death for 3 rounds.

If you are lucky, you can kill them before they activate the skill

I’ve only done it a handful of times, usually you get to the point of killing them and they activate it on death.
Staying alive for 3 rounds is just stupid, warlocks use all of their specials on them even when they’re invincible because you can’t choose to target another.
It’s basically, have a warrior or lose it seems.