Apple Watch sync issue


Hi guys,

Unfortunately, we’ve just found an issue with Apple Watch steps: Apple Watch steps are not synced as today’s steps but will stack on the day you connect Apple Watch. We are working on an urgent fix at the moment but since developers are all on holiday so it might take longer than usual.

In the meanwhile, I strongly suggest to switch back to your old device. Please send me your short id so I can compensate for the switch.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll let you know as soon as the build is released.



Hello. I was trying to use the Apple Watch sync and was not having success. My id is r5kk4q.

Thank you


I also have been trying to sync my steps some days I’d have 6,000 or so and it would give me even 2,000 my ID- re9b9q thank you


Just saw this and switched back to my device now. My ID is zp7pj.


Mine finally started working today. Does this mean it will break tomorrow, and tomorrow’s steps will also count as steps today?


I’m also having issues. I ended up uninstalling the app and reinstalling, which did work for part of the day but not anymore.

It also cleared out the pets process and the two pets I had. So don’t uninstall like I did.

ID is: rdevjy


ID: znmgvj

Had issue with syncing of Apple Watch and also watching videos.


Watch sync.
Thanks for getting on to it.

ID: r9v9ve


I am having the same issue with my Apple Watch not sincing. ID zw7n8b.


My watch sync is no longer working. Today’s steps are counted as yesterday’s steps. rxeqvx


I just saw the notice. Switched to my device ID is zww8q4


I am having a problem too with 0 steps appearing.
My ID znmmy3
Thank you


Thank you for your work.
P.S. Great game!



I was one of the first to post about this issue. Thanks for resolving it. How are we compensated? I have no idea how many steps were lost as I’ve been hiking in Arizona but I would say it’s quite a bit. One day maxed out at 30k then I had 0 on the next two. I switched as soon as I noticed it was stacking it all.


My short ID is rkvk3p.


ID: znq7y6
Interestingly, yesterday seemed fine. Maybe the first day of getting steps from the watch is okay, but subsequent are not.


I connected my watch on the 29th or 30th of September, unsure as which it was as on the 29th it says I’ve done 60,000+ steps and on the 30th it says I’ve done 50,000+ I sealed back to the phone on the 3rd.

my I’d is zqy88b

Great game, really enjoying it so far, looking Forward to see how it continues to grow.


Hi, im having problems with zero steps a day
Id: zqj6d5


A quick note of the Apple Watch sync issue:

We’ve found the bug and have submitted a update. I’ll let you know as soon as it happens. Once the update goes live I’ll send over those compensations.


Player ID: z3yxbp
I only connected with the Apple Watch and I don’t have any other fitness tracker so all my steps are on the first day