Addition new function

Focus plant では、タイマーで時間を測って報酬を貰いますが、ストップウォッチを利用して報酬を貰える機能を追加して欲しいです。

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Hi, thank you for reaching out. We’ll discuss the stopwatch functionality. Happy focusing!

I would really like a stopwatch function as well. The app only vibrates once when the time is done, but often I’m am really busy working and I don’t notice. So I work for an hour but the timer only counts 25 minutes.

The stopwatch functionality is under development. Please stay tuned!


Please release the features😭
No stopwatch yet
No multi focus

The features are still under development. If the features are finalized or finished, they will appear in the APKPure history before the major updates begin on the Play Store. Some of the devices will appear at the same time as the major updates on Play Store to become the app history. If your device is an iPhone, you need to wait for the apps store until they rolled up the update. Please be patient with the Play Store or App Store to release the updates.

Stopwatch timer has been released, enjoy!