V2.5 Release Notes (Focus Plant)

Hi guys, I’m pleased to let you know that v2.5 is now under phased release. Please visit the AppStore / Google Play page and check if you can download the update. The update will be rolled out to everyone within 7 days unless there’s a major bug.

Release notes

New Feature

  • Stopwatch timer
  • Introduce strict mode and easy mode for all focus timers
  • Able to quit any focus session before completion and receive partial rewards
  • Pause any focus session under the strict mode to access other apps temporally
  • Tags for the weekly, monthly and yearly report


  • New focus UI
  • When evolving to stage III plant fails, the next evolution success rate is increased slightly
  • Remove report for counting focus failures
  • Able to change tag before/during a focus session

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Is this what stopwatch mode does?

So if a person accidentally closes app after say 23 minutes, he will receive rewards for 4x5=20 minutes, rather than losing all rewards?

Actually a very nifty feature since I have had a few sessions where all rewards were lost when I accidentally closed app with a few minutes left in the whole 3 hour session.

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@Manny_n3kmw3 They will continue the timer when you open the app. It will not lost all the rewards. Sometimes, there is 50% claim rewards and watch ads to continue the focus session button if the focus session failed.

If you close the app from app list by clicking ‘clear all’ by mistake, there is no ad and no reward. Or rather was. I hope the stopwatch mode will still give partial rewards if closed accidentally.

Oh no! My focus session timer failed but I get a partial rewards. I press the claim button when the focus session failed.

This is almost correct except exit early will claim 50% rewards but will claim 100% rewards with a subscription. In stopwatch mode, you can exit anytime beyond 5 mins and receive 100% of the rewards.

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I have sync issues with v2.5

After clicking sync, it brings up the land page without foreground buttons, and the message says ‘you already started an focus session’ with a 404 icon on bottom left.

My ids are in my profile description if you need them.

I completed a 3 hour session on focus quest but it has not been synced and credited to focus plant. And when I clicked sync, I did not have any active focus session on either app.

I received the rewards on exiting and re-opening the app.

The blank page error is repeatable, not a one time error. Again on pressing sync, I landed on this page.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.