Account was reset

I went to log in today and my account on twin peak has been set back to level 9. I bought gems and the pet bundle on that character too and they are all gone. If I check from another character in the guild, the character and proper stats are all still there. Anyone know how to fix this?
The master code for the character is r2732

Hi, can you please login again and see if there’s a data conflict window popup? Please choose ‘server’ to retrieve your data.

There is no data conflict window when I log in on that server. It just goes to the regular main news pop up like nothing is wrong

Hmmm weird. Can you please check your google play connection in the settings? If it’s already logged in, can you please tab the button, ‘logout’ then login again?

That worked! Is there anything that can be done about the lost daily rewards/quests? I also wont be able to finish my weekly quests now. And lost a whole day worth of step data and rewards. On a new server and such a tight race for top spots that’s really disappointing.

Hi Marspark, same thing happen to me AGAIN. Was switching from Twin Peak to Fit Tower, out of sudden I receive the window that game start from beginning. Heart sank as it seems to be under the correct ID which is r667dv, I have all my reward messages in my inbox but progress reset completely like last time. Twin peak account no problem at all.

Pls check, and I am quite sick to start all over again. I have this installed in my workout phone (iphone) and play phone (android) , went back to my workout phone and the progress was automatically changed to the reset progress as well for Fit Tower account. There wasnt any conflict pop up window, and I tried logging out everything, uninstall and reinstall, still same issue.

I’m finding that although i’m able to access me account now, nothing is syncing because every time i log in it says there is a conflict and then my steps aren’t credited to my account. For someone who plays every day and was pushing really hard on the new server, this is extremely demotivating.

Hi @Deuce,

Are you using 2 different Google Play accounts?

Hi Marspark, hope you look into my case. Has stopped for the past few days due to this.

Believe me or not, my heart sank too since this is like the worst case for customer support. I’ll send you a message to discuss how to recover it.

Do you mean all the way from tutorial/opening scene (waking up/no memory/set name) or from after tutorial? Stage 1-5?

I don’t know if same account on multiple devices is supported. Maybe one device uploaded old save and overwrote the newer one?

yup allover to tutorial. Dont think is the multiple device issue because was using same device for a while before the issue occured, and only happened on 1 server. If it is about overwriting then I will still have old progress instead of no progress.

@marspark well it’s back at it again, i tried logging out and in multiple times, closing the game, reinstalling and everything and can’t get it to recover that same account. it put me back at the lvl 9. this is so frustrating

Hi @Deuce sorry to hear that it’s happening again. I’ve transferred your google play account back to your old account. Please check if you are having the data conflict window. Otherwise please logout/login in the settings page.

Can you also please tell me what did you do before the data is reset? This will help us to trouble shoot this issue.

We are revamping the account switching part of the game and thank you for your patience on this issue. I’ve sent you some crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through!

I didn’t do anything different, every time i switched servers though it would ask for the local vs server account and i would just click server (doing so did make me not able to collect the shrines though)
then yesterday, it just didn’t give the option. it just automatically loaded the local account regardless of me logging in or out multiple times as well.

i re-logged and the account is restored but every time i switch servers it has the data conflict again which causes me to get 0 rewards from my shrines ever. how can this get fixed

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@Deuce this is a known issue which we are fixing it right now. We hope we can release a bug fix build later this week or next week. Please let me know if this happens again. Thank you for your patience!

@marspark 2 weeks now and still no fix. i’ve created a new thread as well about a new issue. I just lose all my daily rewards since the server won’t save it anymore

i’ve tried deleting the app and re-installing it. now both of the accounts tied to my google account are gone completely. How do I go about getting a refund for my purchases for a broken game

@Deuce, I’ve migrated your google play account to your old accounts, so please just login and retrieve your data through data conflict.

This fix is taking this long because we need to re-write the whole account system to fix it, and as you can imagine it takes a lot of time planning, migrating and testing before we can release it. I would suggest to avoid switching server if possible before we make the fix public. However, if you still want to switch servers, please remember to manually save your data before switching. If your 3rd party is messed up, please let me know so I can restore it for you.

If you would like to get refunded, please go through the google play refund process: If you need any help please let me know.

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Is there an ETA on the fix? If I just dont switch servers then it renders my other characters completely useless. I didnt know the manual save option would save it to the server so I’ll try that. Will manually saving also enable me to get silver from the shrines again as well?

Also I tried logging back in to my twin peaks account. It doesn’t give the data error it just logs in to the reset account. I’m unable to log out of Google play again as well. When I click open it just brings up the Google play achievements. There is no way to log out anymore