Account was reset

We hope to release the fix sometime next week. Please give manual save a try and see if you can get silvers from the shrines. Please let me know if it’s not so we can try to fix it along with the new account system.

Can you please send me a screenshot of the overlay after you click the Google Play button?

One last thing, I don’t check the forum every day as I’m part of the coding team and my priority now is to rebuild the account system. If your account is mislinked again, please email me directly:

this is what pops up if I click open to try and log out. So I still cant access that twin peaks account

Hi Deuce, can you please try to

  1. unlink google play account through your phone’s settings app
  2. enter game, wait for a while (like 30 secs)
  3. link google play again
  4. re enter game

Please let me know if this will bring the data conflict window for you.

Also which Android version is this?