Account banned due to exploiting equipment duplication bug

Hi guys,

We’ve just released v3.0.2 to patch the equipment duplication issue, and we are going to run scripts to check for duplicated items to see if any players are taking advantage of the issue.

Our auto anti-cheat script has already picked a few players exploiting the bug. These players are deliberately duplicating equipment and selling them for silver for at least 2 days. This clearly shows these players are exploiting the game’s weakness for their own benefits and this is not fair to the rest of the players in the Fitness RPG community and we have zero tolerance towards this behavior. As a result of this, we feel it’s only fair that they are banned to enter Arena and Guilds.

If anyone believes they are banned by mistake, please leave me a message and we will further investigate.

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to those players who helped us identify the bug and choose not to exploit it intentionally and we’ll continue to do our best to build a better game.

Thank you very much!


Really appreciate how fast you’ve resolved this! :+1:


Is it like extra 6-star hats?

I think I dressed my guys in those equipments, but I wasn’t trying to intentionally do anything bad :frowning:

I noticed it there but wasn’t sure if I had them or if it was like a mirror, so yesterday, I tried to see if I could put it on my guys and it did

You can take back the extra clothes, and I will put my guys back in their other suits :slight_smile:

I’m thinking we might have gotten extra silver, too, but I didn’t know if that was from my super pass magnet or from the upgrade or what, so if that was a mistake, please change my Apple iTunes

I don’t want anything I haven’t earned, bought, or been given intentionally…


Thank you for doing this.

Nicely done, there should be a pretty obvious difference between farming the exploit and having it happen a few times.

Just a reminder to those who still have duplicated items and want to get rid of without selling. Unequip all your items and quit and restart the game to revert any copies back into one item.


Thanks Trisen, I had updated and cleared cache, but the pieces didn’t go away. Then I saw your tip about unequipping and it worked. Clutter gone!

  1. I think this was accidentally posted for the Wokamon game instead of this one. :scream:
  2. I replaced and upgraded a lot of equipment since the fix today, because I was too chicken to do it before the update. I don’t think I have any unexpected duplicates.

I am now back in full chicken mode though, just to be safe. :rooster::grimacing:

As they almost say, better chicken than sorry. :crazy_face:

I think this exploit has highlighted 1 thing (Because of the ability to sell tonnes of 6 and 7 star items to gain gems to evolve equipment), the blessing/power gem requirements are far too high Vs what you get from adventures.

Adventuring gains on average maybe 2 of each (at the very best, probably less) per battle/loot. At a cost of 2700 of the higher amount to evolve to a 7 star item that’s 1350 battles. So 6750 stamina. Looking at that it’ll be 20 to 25 days for a single 7 star item. Seems ridiculous that the 24 pieces of equipment (6 over 4 heroes) would take 18 months to finish by which point there’ll be further advances in the game.

I think you seriously need to look into either to gains from adventures or the cost to evolve equipment.

The second observation of game balance that only the exploit has properly highlighted is the sheer power of Twinkie.

I had 3 friends that super powered their equipment and even with full 7* sets on 4 heroes, 150k more power than people with a 3 or 4* Twinkie they lost. This shows the total imbalance of Twinkie vs anything else in the game.

The problem here is Twinkie is a large part of your income with people paying to win (yes if you bought Twinkie to 3 or 4 star you paid to be able to beat people easier, there’s no denying that) so, whilst nerfing Twinkie is never likely to happen because of the income it generates, it definitely is a problem.

You banned some accs but not all, i admit i used that dup gear and sell it but just 1 day. And i use it to beat those cheat players. Today i saw iwas banned but those werent banned coz they change their gear to low lv. U did well but not all. And this bugs is your fault not our fault u can easy reset our gears why must banned people . I played this game to run more steps and keep healthy. It is ok if u banned from arena and guild. U need check again and banned other hide their cheat or bugs. Ex leader of top2 guild is 1 of them

Thanks have been reporting this bug somedays now,
I think it still occurs Though.
Hope you fix balancing off heroes next. Otherwise arena will just be battle of mages and warlocks. Balance stats like resilience, speed pretty useless stats to useful.
Can block, dodge skill attacks, skill cooldown matk to mdef ratios atk and def

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What was causing the glitch? I believe I may have sold some duped stuff at one point (I do sweeps of the X-10 stages for pet pieces and mass dump sell everything I get from those sweeps) and I was definitely confused by the amount I made in silver. Then the time I actually noticed it I just equipped the stuff to my extra characters (most were 5 star items in the 60s range and the dupes were 5 stars at 75 so it wasn’t a huge jump in level thankfully). I didn’t think anything of it since I thought it was a one time thing. I didn’t realize this was an issue O.o if I need to take off the items I equipped let me know as well. Don’t want to get flagged for exploiting something I wasn’t even aware of >.<

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Why was my account banned? I haven’t logged into my account since the beginning of January. I was ticked that I was booted from a group over Xmas break and was not absent a “FULL” 3 days.

Anyway, I have spent a considerable amount of money purchasing packages. I would walk on my treadmill to hit my 20k step max. I am an “elder millennial” since my birth year is at the cut off. I can definitely assure anyone that I have no idea how to duplicate items… unless treadmill walking is a prohibited way to collect steps, or spending cash for packages is prohibited. I have not done anything wrong.

What can we do to resolve this issue? Especially since I legit have not logged into this game in a good 4-6 weeks?

Your only banned if you are in arena league zzz. The announcement that shows up at beginning of game launch that says “Account Banned” is just a poorly worded announcement if that is what you are talking about.


I can’t seem to get rewards from my guild anymore. I can still play fine in the arena. I did reset the equipment. I had done some upgrades to my equipment and that seemed to take all of my upgrades…pretty unhappy about that. But please fix my guild rewards. Thanks

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Thank you for your feedback. We’ll discuss these.

Hi @PVPSKILLER please let me know your id. We’ll have a look.

As long as you are not intended to exploit the bug repeatly then you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Hi, may I grab your id? It was my bad that the announcement title is misleading. You are not banned if you can still access the guild functionality.


Speaking of Guilds, how do banned accounts effect guilds? I’m asking because I’ve noticed that almost a third of my guilds’ members , including the leader suddenly stopped being active. I suspect that account banning may have been involved but if that is the case what happens to the to the rest of the members?