Account banned due to exploiting equipment duplication bug


When you are moved into cheater league , you will be kicked from guilds. The rest of members can take over leadership when time has passed. I dont know what happens if guild leader is sent probably goes to highest contribution member or elite or co leader.


If your leader is still in your guild but stopped playing, then they weren’t banned. They probably just quit playing. It happens.

I know of one guild leader who quit, because we’d been chatting privately. He sent me a final goodbye message.

He left his guild before quitting the game though, and I believe a coleader instantly became the leader.

I’m starting to wonder if the new leader of that guild is active now, since the guild’s progress seems to be slowing down.

I’m therefore curious which guild you are in.


My Twin Peak my guild Walkers has been without a leader for a few days, but I just notciced that of the top 20 guilds on the server, 11 of them are missing leaders. Ban wave, sudden wave of people trying the new server, or bug?

An old post said missing guild leader is autoassigned after some days. Still true?


11 days


I did not notice I could scroll down to see a 7th rule, thanks!


Well, it’s been 12 or 13 days at least without a leader and no observable mechanism to take over so time for a bug report.


@LotteryD may I grab your guild id?


My guild Walkers on Twin Peak is kbzw97zg
I do see a number of other blank leaders in the guild list. Thanks!


This is pretty weird as your leader is still playing (logged in yesterday) and not exploiting the game. I need to double check why the name of your leader is not shown.