Yellow chips for super plants

I bought 8 yellow chips from plant store and used 3 chips to exchange for a piece of Slinghot and another 3 for Bells cedar and made both of them max level. However, it did show that both of them reach max level at first but went back to 14 pieces after I reopen the app. The chips are consumed but the amount of their pieces weren’t added. Please help me with this, I don’t want to spend another 180 diamonds for a treasure chest just to get that one last piece. Thanks!

I just figured that I can’t get any super plant’s pieces from neither chips nor quest exploring. The pieces I earned keep disappearing after I reopen the app. This happens all the time since this update.

Hi Jefferson,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with Pocket Plants. First of all may I please grab your game id so we can duplicate your data in our end.

Also are you with iOS or Android?


My ID is FPrrX@V!d
My device is iOS

Hi Jerfferson,

We’ve reproduced the bug in our end. It seems some users will be affected if your old data meets certain criteria. We’ll submit a patch today and hope it gets approved as soon as possible. We’ll send a compensation pack once the patch goes live.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your patience.

Sounds nice, thanks!