Yellow Chip Plants Losing Plant Pieces

Several times now, my yellow chip plants have been losing pieces/decreasing after I’ve earned or purchased with rubies those plant pieces. Most recently today, I bought a treasure chest with rubies I collected and received two slinghot plant pieces going from 10 to 12 pieces. Several hours later I’m playing the game again and I’m back to 10. This has even happened when I’ve collected the full number of pieces to get the completed super plant then been disappointed to lose pieces again.

Can you fix this and how can I be reimbursed for the rubies and pieces I’ve lost?

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can you please let me know your game id so I can have a look?

To avoid this, try to return to the home screen and wait for 1~2 second before closing/exiting the game entirely. You can also try to save your game manually in the settings before closing/exiting the game.