Xp not properly updating

My xp moves up at equal amounts whether I walk 10 steps or 2000 steps. At this rate I won’t be able to get next Wokamon for almost a year from now

6 days no reply? The updates and response to this game are very poor

Hi Maureen,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Is your game linked with your FB account? If yes, can I please grab your FB name to further investigate? Thanks!

Yes it is logged to my fb account Maureen Block and nothing has changed since October - your most recent update didn’f even give new wokamons - your developers have little interest in this appp :frowning:

Still not working and now I see new wokemon shave been released yet I can’t see them in my Wokamon list??

Along the same lines, I’ve not gotten a new lucky draw accessory for any of the few monsters I’ve gotten. I don’t feel like my app is syncing my steps properly either. I’m on my very last monster and if i can’t get new accessories idk what else there is for me to do.

The Wokamon issue is now resolved as they are now visible but I still think steps are registering incorrectly. I do sign in via Facebook and and I told you in previous response my name is Maureen Block. It seems whether I walk 10 steps or 1000 steps I get the same upgrading

@Maureen, I can’t seem to find your data with ‘Maureen Block’. When you say 'steps are registering incorrectly‘ do you mean the step count registered in Wokamon is lower than you expected? Which tracking option did you choose?

@Laura-Taylor_Burrow have you tried the 999 topaz ones? If you can draw a new accessory in that chest then it means the lucky draw functionality is working correctly.

Step count is correct but the do earned seems to be the same whether 10 steps or 1000 steps

Also I am sorry I forgot my fb account includes my middle name so it is under Maureen Regina block

Hi @Maureen, can you please take a screenshot of the Wokamon collection screen (showing steps -> xp conversion rate). Then when you fetch the steps, screenshot the popup from the bottom of the screen which shows the XP earning.

Please send the 2 screenshots to us: mars.zhu@shikudo.com or simply paste it on the forum.