Xiaomi Mi Band connectivity?


I suppose it since Mi band is a fitness tracker and not a smartwatch, it doesn’t work the same as an Apple watch or a fitbit,
but when I sync my Mi Band to my phone, will I be able to collect the registered steps?

(I love your apps by the way ^υ^ )


Hi, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately Mi Band charges a very expensive licence fee so it’s not supported at the moment but we’ll keep checking with them and will make it happen as soon as we can.


Thank you for replying!

Any chance this is already possible in an indirect way?
For example, if my mi band is connected to the health app, can I also connect Fitness RPG to the health app and sync my steps?
I think something similar is possible with google fit, but I’m not sure if there’s workaround for iOs devices too


Hi, yeh this works but unfortunately this feature has to wait a little while as we have plenty of things to do at the moment. Please keep checking the updates’ release notes :slight_smile:


I really don’t mind waiting, especially if the Google Fit workaround is possible :relieved:
But I cannot make it work.
I followed some other instructions into this forum, but I can’t see fitness RPG in my connected apps in google fit. (It is among the apps connected to google account, but that doesn’t do a lot of course)

It should still be supported though, right? Am I doing something wrong?