Wrong damage calculation

my 2 mages

higher magic atk deal less damage than other one.

Interesting. The only difference I can see that might apply, is that Joenne is 9 levels higher level than Rose. I know player level is important for some things in combat. Maybe it’s important for this too? :thinking:

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I will try equal their level and test again.


Joenne is using a 5-star weapon vs. Rose’s 4-star weapon. Also might be a hidden factor?

That said, does seem very suspicious. Like you, I would have assumed Rose would be doing more damage than Joenne. Might very well be a bug. :thinking:

There are 2 factors that might cause this:

  1. Hero level will influence the defence rating of your enemy, which means higher level hero will deliver more damage.
  2. Pet bonus, which is not reflected on the character stats

I thought pets but dismissed the idea too quickly because the player has the same pets for both heroes. Should have given it more thought! Probably not the same pets for each hero, since each pet only affects certain hero placements. Pets can therefore go a long way towards explaining this.

Interesting that hero level does ultimately affect damage. I opted to level up two mages as fast as I could, rather than spreading resources too thin trying to level up 3 equally. In hindsight, certainly helped to get through the story quickly!

For those just starting out, I would once again suggest that you won’t regret two mages, a priest, and a warrior. Doesn’t mean you have to keep them long-term, but they do pretty well at everything early on.

If you every want to calculate damage, removing pets completely from equation is essential.

when their level close 125,127 , they deal correct as admin said. So, that mean level is very effective.