'Wrath' skill does not function as intended

So the description for the Guardian skill ‘Wrath’ states that the skills effect is a "resulting instant kill’.

But this is obviously untrue as any attempt to use ‘Wrath’ on an opponent using the ‘Last stand’ skill result in only a wasted turn.

What this shows us is that the ‘Wrath’ skill only results in dropping the opponents HP to Zero (which is not an instant kill for last stand characters)

The wrath skill should be reprogramed to act as intended and act directly to put Heroes into a ‘kill’ state, reather than the current indirect ‘set HP to zero’ state.

Last stand is a buff that activates when you would receive a killing blow and keeps you alive for 2 rounds in a invincible state. Rogues have a skill that allows them to survive a killing blow as that should activate if you hit them with wrath.

Wrath tries for an instant kill but the last stand buff negates it becuase the warrior is invincible. So working as intended

i understand your logic, but the way things are, wrath is a terrible skill and far outclassed by last stand. if wrath could insta-kill a warrior and surpass their last stand ability, it would make the skills a little more evenly matched, i think it would be a good idea.