Worth it to buy a different rogue?

In the Hero Shop they offer various 1 star heroes. Are rogues in the shop the same as the one I already have, but just a different look? Or do some have better basic stats? I know you can see the stats of the hero in the shop, but it’s hard compare to my rogue that’s already leveled up.

I have two 228th level 6-star mages each using a 180th level 5-star weapon. Neither mage has any passive skills that boost magic attack yet.

I started with one mage. The other mage I got from the hero shop. Both mages have the exact same magic attack of 61.42k.

It isn’t proof, but I would strongly suspect that the only difference between my two mages are the passive skills they started with.

So, it is highly likely that the only significant difference between your two rogues will be the passive skills they start with (which can be changed when you’re willing to spend crystals to do so).

Bottom line: Most likely not worth it to buy a rogue from the shop to replace one you have, unless it has a higher star rating (so you wouldn’t have to spend resources to evolve it). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Rhandar is correct. The only thing different from heroes of the same class is the outer look.

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Thanks guys, that confirms my suspicion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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