World task doesn't unlock after reached level 30?

Hi there, I have reached level 30, but the second world task is still locked? Is there a glitch?

With all the new seeds that need high amounts of purple gem to unlock, and so little tasks that rewards purple gem, this game is getting a bit boring to play since we have to wait for Hours for a new world quest…

Hi @Joannosaur

Thanks for reporting us this bug, we will carefully look for it.

Hi David,

The level 30 world task did unlock itself the following day. And since the game has been so addictive, I’ve levelled up to 41 now, and it has been 2 days but the level 40 world task still hasn’t been unlocked yet… Can you please have a look into it? Thank you.


Hi @Joannosaur

Really thanks for telling us, we have fix this bug and will soon release the next veision

Hi David, just wondering when will you release the updated version? I’m currently level 48, and the level 40 world task still hasn’t been unlocked… Thanks

Hi @Joannosaur

It will be later this week, stay tuned

Hi @Joannosaur

How did you download Pocket Plants, App Store or Testflight

I downloaded it through the App Store. Thanks