Won't let me play on new phone!

I can’t use Wokamon on my new phone because every time I try log in on Facebook it tells me data can’t be transferred to different devices! Can someone help me please. Loved playing this game and had to stop unfortunately as I got a new phone and won’t let me play now

Hi @Chloe_Louise_Gennard, we currently do not support transferring data between an Android and an Apple phone. If you do not mind restarting the game, we can delete your data from our database. You can then login your social network account and restart again. Please let us know if you want to proceed.

Yes please delete it for me

No problem. Can we grab your Facebook nickname (the only displayed in Wokamon)?

I can only see Chloe Louise Gennard throughout the whole app

Hi @Chloe_Louise_Gennard

We have deleted your account, now you can login your Facebook on your new Phone

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