Wonder Essence II

Poll: Your opinion on Ease of getting Wonder Essence 2 after latest game update?
  • Easier than before
  • Same as before
  • Harder than before
  • Now rarely get Wonder Essence II anymore.

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For a small period of 4-5 days, I did not see any Wonder Essence 2 even after refreshing Sunshine shop with ads for max times possible after every 8 hour cycle, but now I am seeing a few again. So it seems the algorithm has been tweaked back to previous parameters.

You should watch the ads to get Wonder Essence II. It is quite rare.

Yes I do keep watching ads till they become unavailable (4-5 times) per 8 hour refresh cycle, but for 5-6 days I did not see even one Essence 2 despite having refreshed like 30-40 times. Even Wonder Essence 1 seemed rarer, and this was coinciding with the time when app got major refresh, so was wondering whether others had the same experience or not.

I definitely had it the other way around. I actually have more than 40 of them stored at the moment. Sounds like bad RNG on your side.

Ya, hopefully my poor sequence will end and I will get Essences willy nilly soon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It is sometimes hard to find it in the sunshine shop. Can you please try to complete a world of the plant’s handbook and get the essence from the treasure chest? The wonder essences 2 is a rarity epic. I am trying to complete the tropical worlds using the tropical essences because my tropical world is almost finished. I just only keep a set of 20 the same essences. The tropical world is 18/20 plants discovered so my tropical essence is 22/20 in my unlock plants popup. In the tropical world is 90% of the plants are discovered on my farm. The tropical essence has a 110% percentage of a set in my unlock plants popup on my farm. After, I discovered all the tropical world and would get the avatars.

I don’t use the lower one because there is 1/20 plants discovered only in the Candy Land. I tried to use raindrops to plants them without using essences. It will use up all my essences.

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I mean the collect rewards. You can get a treasure chest or surprise gift from the collect rewards.

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After the one essence I got 4 days back, I did not see any in the next 4 days both on mine and my dad’s account. :pensive:

Applying theirs world to see if there is more thing to discovered. Running on the focus session and collecting sunshine.